Join the Movement to Change the World through Education


Step 1 Intro

Perhaps you feel like the man talking in this video. Perhaps you feel the world is wrong. It may even get you down – really down – when you think about it. That’s normal. Depression is now an epidemic in Western society, which means society is the problem. But if we investigate the problem, we see that we are the solution.

The first and most fundamental step to positively changing our world is to believe absolutely nothing we are being told, and research everything before forming an opinion. Then we begin to see, like a veil being lifted, that the biggest and most incredible drama that is taking place in our lives is actually happening out in the real world – not on TV.

We are regularly being conditioned what to think not based on facts at all, and we make choices everyday that keep us working barely to survive (in other words in slavery) while helping a largely psychopathic elite in power to profit.

Perhaps this sounds like a conspiracy theory to you? Welcome to the art of critical thinking. Critical thinking means only believing something is true if you can objectively confirm its validity with a range of reliable supporting evidence. It means siphoning out the facts from fiction.

Then, despite what we may have been conditioned to think, we begin to see how the current economic system, by means of its own very nature, is manipulating our current decision-making, and how the choices we are currently making are creating the epidemic of illness and sickness that we see in our own lives and all over the world.

But much more positively, we also see that therein lies the solution. Because once we truly understand how we are being brainwashed what to think and what to believe, we also see what our current conditioning is allowing to unfold and where this is taking us. It is a mind-blowing awakening which allows us to choose an alternative, happy future for ourselves, our children and the planet instead.

And those who make that choice can begin the exciting journey of creating a better world by taking the next step. First though, we must get a clear understanding of how all the dots join together, so that we do not fall into the trap of letting those who are knowingly creating worldwide suffering to benefit themselves take control once again, and this is exactly what those in power do not want to happen.


18:06 mins

This first part of the talk on critical thinking investigates whether or not we should rely on the mainstream media to objectively tell us what is happening in the world. This includes all mainstream news channels including FOX, SKY, STAR, ABC, CBS, NBC and the BBC.