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Tag: Socio-Economics

On the Path to Strawberry Fields

The film On the Path to Strawberry Fields features leading writers, scientists, visionaries and change agents, who together explain the personal and societal transformation that began with the imaginal cell, and is now taking shape and form worldwide.


HonorPay is a free, fun, open online public awards system in which appreciation can be awarded to anyone based around a virtual currency called an Honor. Send tokens of gratitude and extend the idea of giving or gifting for a more compassionate world.

Into The Open Economy

This FREE e-book by social visionary Colin Turner explains what an Open Economy (or sharing economy) is and how a money-free world founded on the principle of group interest not self-interest would work and is attainable today.

The Free World Charter

The Free World Charter is a statement of 10 universal principles anyone can sign designed to support humanity in its evolution toward a new, fair, money-free regenerative Open Economy that creates freedom, abundance and sustainability.

Zeitgeist: The Film Trilogy

The Zeitgeist film series has been a major catalyst in bringing the global debate about the fundamental flaws with our current narrative and possible alternatives to it into the public domain, sparking solutions-focused movements worldwide.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project is a non-profit that proposes a new holistic socio-economic design called a Resource Based Economy, in which Earth’s resources are intelligently shared with all of humanity, and they're developing the first city.

Ethos Genesis

This film explores the many facets of our current system from economics, media and politics to war, and presents the position that we need to create a new ethos, a new way of doing things, and suggests it all begins with the way we spend our money.