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Tag: Health

5G: The Internet of Things

According to the media, any suggested links between 5G and negative health effects or COVID-19 are baseless fake news. Meanwhile scientists call on the EU and U.N. to stop 5G. So what are the facts, and what can we do to mitigate any risks?

The COVID-19 Threat

The world is immersed in palpable fear and panic, but how afraid should we actually be? How real is the threat? What is the cause and consequence? To what extent is the media exaggerating and fearmongering (or not)? I decided to look at the facts.


Micronutrients enable our amazing biological machines to function. They are vital for energy, mood, growth, repair, and for strengthening the immune system to prevent or overcome a disease like virus COVID-19. Discover some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

The Wim Hof Method

Learn The Wim Hof Method, a free and simple breathing, mindset and cold therapy practice that defies science, enabling anyone to control their immune system, combat illness and become extraordinarily healthy, happy and strong.

Measuring Health

Free reference guide on how to measure BMI, Body Water, Body Fat, Belly Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, LBM, BMR, Metabolic Age, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Steps, Sleep, Glucose, Ketones, GKI, Dr. Boz Ratio, Cholesterol, Hemoglobin, diet and exercise, and the benefits.