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Tag: economics

The Venus Project – Resource Based Economy

The Venus Project proposes a socio-economic design called a Resource Based Economy in which science and technology are holistically integrated with nature to maximise the quality of life for all people in a money-free world.

Into The Open Economy | E-Book

Into The Open Economy by Colin Turner explains what an open economy (or sharing economy) is and how a world founded on the basic principle of group interest not self-interest will work.

Ethos Genesis | Film

This feature length new edit of the acclaimed 2011 documentary Ethos explores each facet of the current system and emphasises the need for us to re-evaluate our ethos - our fundamental beliefs and values - and consider that our current way of doing things may be severely misguided.

The Truth Behind Capitalism | Film

This 30 min documentary critiques capitalism from the perspective of philosopher Karl Marx, asking the viewer to think more objectively about co-operation and competition and where these values would fit within their own, new economic model.