© Jeremiah MorelliDoes a place where everyone is focused on solving all the problems in the world sound like an exciting place to be? What if I told you that this place already exists.

This FREE online Solutions School is for anyone of any age and any background who wants to learn about this exciting alternative, solutions-focused reality.

Many know about the political and social unrest that is occurring all over the world right now, but few know that there is a solutions revolution underway as well.

Begin your transformational journey into this alternative happy, healthy, positive and exciting solutions-focused reality below.


Are you ready to begin your journey and start learning about the solutions to the world’s problems that most people do not yet know even exist? In our classroom you will discover a whole new solutions-focused reality that will blow your mind (in a good way!). Learn about all the incredible solutionaries and solutions-focused communities and organisations that are part of a global de-centralised transformation movement that is busy preparing humankind for the transition to an exciting, new positive future for us all.


What are you most interested in learning about in more depth? Our self-study section provides you with the resources to learn in more detail about how you can be healthy, happy, and of course solutionary. Read e-books, watch films, listen to music and take courses that will help you discover what solutions you are most passionate about.


Are you ready to create a new, exciting solutionary life for yourself? In this section you will learn how to meet passionate, purpose-driven, solutions-focused people out in the real world because this is where you will find the most motivation, inspiration and support on your journey to follow your passions, become solutionary and join the global transformation movement that is co-creating a positive future for us all.


Are you interested in our vision of a solutions-focused world? Would you like to join our Solutions Circle and speak to real-life solutionaries yourself, or perhaps you would like to help us spread Solutions Education by bringing the solutions-focused reality into schools, homes, workplaces and communities? We are looking for ordinary people who want to do something extraordinary. Contact us or sign up for updates because together, we are creating change.

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