© Jeremiah MorelliIs conventional education preparing us with the knowledge, resources, skills and motivation to fix the environmental, political, social and economic problems of today? At Wake Up World Education (WUWE), we don’t think so.

A new internet run by people not corporations has been launched. Free, simple-to-use online services to keep your private data safe and secure exist. There are global networks of eco-villages, permaculture and gift economy communities. There are social media platforms for changemakers and global movements to work together and co-create.

There are new methods of teaching that are nature-based, solutions-based, learner-centred and promoting social-emotional well-being. There are positive, solutions-oriented news outlets both physical and online. There are entire new economic whole systems designs, and incredible advancements in technologies that can bring free energy to us all right now.

All of this and much more exists, but the most exciting thing of all is that all these solutionary people, communities, organisations and movements are beginning to unite. We are in the midst of a solutions revolution! The problem is that we learn next to nothing about these positive alternatives to the current system in the institutions that provide our education.

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