© Jeremiah MorelliOur weekly Solutions Circle is our new FREE online Solutions Education meet-up, and it is set to become the biggest global solutions-focused meet-up in the world.

We already collaborate with some of the world’s biggest global movements for change and take them (as well as many others that we haven’t contacted yet) into schools and communities via our workshops, talks, presentations and lessons to help bring their solutions into everyone’s life.

We have also revamped our website to be able to offer our FREE online course, making Solutions Education now available to anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world.

Now we are excited to announce the next step on our mission to help co-create a solutions-focused positive world – our Solutions Circle.

We will begin with one Solutions Circle meet-up each week – on Solutions Sunday.

We will send out a simple link via email (sign up here) that will take you to the online meet-up. We plan to use Zoom, an online video conferencing platform where 100 people can participate in a group discussion at one time.

As the Solutions Circle grows, we can increase the number of participants and the number of meet-ups, but the really exciting bit is that there will be Solutions Speakers participating in each Solutions Circle. These speakers will be real-life solutionaries who are helping to create a positive future for us all right now.

Solutions Education is all about critical thinking, evaluation, discussion and debate, so although the featured Solutions Speakers will be given the main floor in the Circle that week, the meet-up will be just that – a friendly group gathering – where everyone can join in and contribute to the discussion, ask questions, raise doubts, contribute ideas and opinions, and of course find out how they can get more involved in the week’s featured solutions directly from the featured solutionaries themselves.

We envision this weekly Solutions Circle becoming very popular, very quickly, including with the world’s solutionary changemakers, who will have the opportunity to not only interact in interesting discussions with other changemakers, but also with a growing presence of solutions-focused people of all ages online.

After each meet-up, the discussion will continue on our online community page, and the Solutions Circle video will also be uploaded so people who were unable to take part in the Circle can view it and participate in the ongoing discussion as well.

Our end goal is a new reality, a new norm, where everyone is focused on solutions for a positive future, especially the children of today, so we are all feeling positive about the human race, positive about what we can achieve, and shaping the future into one that is healthy for people and healthy for the planet.

We will launch our first Solutions Circle soon, so be sure to sign up here to get involved and stay informed


This is an exciting time for us because we are busy contacting people, organisations and global movements from around the world, and connecting with new solutions and inspirational solutionaries right now. Follow us on social media and by email to stay informed. As soon as we are ready, we will let you know right away. It won’t take us long, and in the meantime, click here to find out who has already committed to supporting us in our mission to co-create a solutions-focused world.


Are you interested in our vision of a solutions-focused world? Would you like to join our weekly Solutions Circle and speak to real-life solutionaries yourself, or perhaps you would like to help us spread Solutions Education by bringing the solutions-focused reality into schools, homes, workplaces and communities? We are looking for ordinary people who want to do something extraordinary. Contact us or sign up for updates because together, we are creating change.

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