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Robito Chatwin presents the position that right now a global wellness revolution is taking place, the tools to solve all of today’s personal and global problems now exist, and a global community thriving in wellness is rapidly being created.

He also offers unique hypnotherapy sessions on donation both online and in person.

Join him on an adventure to critically evaluate this position from the following two perspectives: Problem and Solution.

Find out how he is progressing on his personal mission to help optimise global wellness, and to take criticality and healing around the world (Blog).

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How to Use This Site

Wake Up World Education (WUWE) provides free educational resources for personal and classroom use to develop critical thinking skills and increase wellness on a personal and global scale.


Choose Problem as your focus to practise The Art of Critical Thinking, which challenges our reality, raises our awareness, and enables us to form more objective opinions and make more informed decisions about our future.


Choose Solution as your focus to explore the opposite of the mainstream narrative – the exciting solutions-focused world that increases personal and global wellness and is available to us all.


Choose Blog as your focus to find out how WUWE founder Robito Chatwin is progressing on his personal mission to optimise his own wellness, and to take Criticality for Wellness around the world.


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Would you like to know more?

This website is for people who are interested in taking critical thinking to the next level.

If you have studied criticality with me and would like to practise more, or if you are simply interested in experiencing a truly exciting awakening, this site is for you.

Wake Up World Education (WUWE) is an online educational platform that you can use to develop critical thinking skills and increase health, happiness and purpose (wellness) for yourself and the world around you.

Right now we are experiencing the biggest global upheaval in modern human history, and it is scary, but it is also exciting because we are also experiencing a rapid evolution in human criticality.

We are witnessing the conscious evolution of humanity. The world is no longer accepting the problem-ridden narrative of today, and creating a positive solutions-focused world instead. People are embracing a new way of thinking.

In terms of personal and global wellness, the problem with the mainstream narrative is that science clearly shows this systematic environmental and emotional stimulation has an incredibly detrimental effect on health and happiness (wellness).

Our worldview, our conditioning, is formed by this narrative. It is a story which we we are given through the systematic repetition of a given message, particularly through the mainstream media.

But if we develop and master the ability to form objective opinions and make informed decisions (The Art of Critical Thinking), we can explore with open-minded examination, and accept reliable evidence as a possible new truth – a new narrative.

These moments raise our awareness (our consciousness). We experience how our conditioning has been shaping our decision-making and our perception of reality. They expand our minds, and open our worlds to new, exciting possibilities.

The criticality that promotes wellness then is to commit to learning about, thinking about, and viewing the world, through the lens of solutions. The fact is, if we choose to look, the tools to solve every personal and global problem now exist.

There is an academic, scientific and social/spiritual movement taking place worldwide right now that is taking us into a solutions-focused future of personal and global wellness, and the latest scientific research clearly supports this position.

Would you like to know more? Read about this movement, and join me so I can share what I am learning with you ⭐



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Teaching at Nottingham University, Summer 2020

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