Robito explores today’s controversial topics (criticality), presents positive action that you can take now (wellness), and travels the world taking his Teaching and Training global (blog).

Then the coronavirus pandemic arrived. Now he sends out emails every week offering FREE online support groups for people questioning what is happening and what we are being told. His goal is a pandemic of critical thinkers.

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Wake Up World Education (WUWE) is his personal project to build an online educational platform that anyone can use to master critical thinking skills, and achieve health, happiness and purpose for themselves and the world around them.

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Our worldview, our conditioning is formed by the mainstream narrative, the story we we have been educated to accept as fact through the systematic repetition of a given message, particularly through the mainstream media.

In terms of personal and global wellness, the problem with the mainstream narrative is that science clearly shows this systematic environmental and emotional stimulation is having an incredibly detrimental effect on our health and happiness (wellness).

But if we develop and master the ability to form objective opinions and make informed decisions (The Art of Critical Thinking), we can explore with open-minded examination, and accept reliable evidence as a possible new truth – a new narrative.

These moments raise our awareness (or our consciousness). We experience firsthand to what extent our conditioning is shaping our decision-making and our perception of reality. They expand our minds, and open our world to new exciting possibilities.

The solution that promotes wellness then is to commit to reading about, thinking about, and viewing the world ourselves, through the lens of solutions instead.

Extensive research in neuroplasticity over the last few decades shows that our brain formation is not fixed but rather plastic (changeable), and recent research shows that repeated positive environmental and emotional stimulation enhances cognitive function while “simultaneously enhancing vigorous longevity, health, happiness, and wellness”.

The fact is there is a solutions revolution taking place. The tools to solve all of our personal and global problems now exist, and the latest scientific research supports this position.

We are witnessing the conscious evolution of humanity. The world is no longer accepting the problem-ridden narrative of today, and creating a positive solutions-focused world instead. People are embracing a new way of thinking.

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