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Our Mission, Core Values and Vision

The Wake Up Project is like no other project delivered to educational institutions and organisations anywhere in the world today

The global climate has indeed changed. The belief in profit maximisation before all other concerns has developed through globalisation into a worldwide economic system that is on the verge of completely destroying our planet.

Industries, such as the banking, fossil fuel, arms, food and pharmaceutical industries, have consolidated into small handfuls of multinational corporations that are now wealthier than nations.

These industries have bought the political system, multinational corporations have bought the media, and together they must promote greed, selfishness, division from each other, separation from nature, and unquestioning compliance from the public in order to continue consolidating wealth to a small few while causing total ecological collapse for profit.

But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and as the number of wars and storms and earthquakes and temperatures rise, so does the number of people who are turning away from the system.

The mainstream media and governments, which are in the business of maintaining the status quo, respond by creating more sides for us to choose from; using negativity and fear, they keep our minds focussed on social class, political persuasion, skin colour and religion, they then tell us what opinion to have about events and other people, and they leave us feeling divided so we think that we are too small to make a difference, but what they will never do is bring focus to the message of truth and change that people all over the world are crying out for through today’s social upheaval.

Wake Up World Education is a unique and important part of this global movement because we are here to wake up the masses to the fact that they are not alone.

There are endless social and environmental justice movements rising up all over the world because with extreme negative change comes extreme positive change, and humanity is responding with a new paradigm – a new way of thinking, being and doing things – based on values the current system does not support: generosity, community, tolerance for others, respect for nature, and critical thought.

We provide individuals, schools, colleges, universities, organisations and community groups around the world with FREE materials, resources and services, as well as a choice of FREE courses, workshops, talks, lectures and events.

We do this because we passionately believe that we, the human race, should all have access to quality education that empowers us to critically understand the big picture, develop our absolute full potential, and engage positively and passionately in a better world for all life on this planet we call home.

Our partners believe as strongly as we do in our mission, core values and vision, and that is why we proudly promote their FREE projects along with our own.

our mission statement:

to help an educated public think critically about the reality of their own life choices and the reality of the world around them, and to provide knowledge that will empower them to increase their own personal health and happiness and develop the best of who they are, so that they may become positively engaged in this exciting emerging new paradigm that is taking place on Planet Earth and contribute their inner talents to the betterment of all.

our core beliefs:

1) Education is of paramount importance for the development of critical thought.

Education is the most effective way to develop a more critical way of thinking in which people learn what lies behind our current ethical and moral values and how current choices that we are making based on those values are positively or negatively affecting our own well-being and the well-being of all living things.

2) Education is of paramount importance for the development of one's full potential.

Education is the most effective way to develop a more conscious way of living in which people learn the practice of self-realisation and the various methods available to become better connected to who they really are so they can lead a fulfilled and exciting life full of happiness and purpose.

3) Education is of paramount importance for the development of a peaceful planet.

Education is the most effective way to develop a more compassionate way of cohabiting Planet Earth in which people learn the specific ways in which society as it functions today is positively and detrimentally affecting all life on a global scale, and alternatives that exist, enabling them to become more actively engaged in positive social change.

our vision:

We envision a critically-thinking public who are fully engaged in developing themselves and society based on the values of generosity, community, tolerance for others, respect for nature and critical thought, so that the children of today will have a thriving, flourishing future tomorrow.

We envision an enlightened public who have raised human consciousness and the evolution of humanity, who are living in a peaceful community-embracing global society whose ethos is love, and who live connected, unified, and compassionately with all life and nature.

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