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This group is for anyone who is questioning the mainstream story presented to us in the media.

I started investigating the coronavirus to find out, based on the facts, how afraid we should be.

As a critical thinker, that meant looking at the information presented to me (via mainstream news) and comparing that with opposing arguments to see what the most objective conclusion is. (about me)

If we don’t do this, we are believing something presented to us blindly. Blind faith is to believe unquestioningly.

Yet if we choose to look, we see that right now we have overt censorship of experts, the overt end of freedom of speech, the end of freedom of the press, and the beginning of global fascism.

Read my final evaluation of the coronavirus threat here.


We are being prepared for ‘a new normal‘ (as the media call it) where surveillance is overt, countries can lockdown at any time, our digital footprint is recorded on a coronavirus chip that we carry around in the form of a passport (or worse, something implanted), and we can all see this happening.

Here are 4 examples from my evaluation:

1) The coronavirus test is completely flawed. It does not identify a particular COVID-19 strand; at best it identifies coronaviruses; at worst it is testing positive for anyone releasing exosomes, which are the bodies natural response when fighting any disease or infection.

Therefore, it is simply a fact that we cannot trust the numbers at all, and the media know this; yet they continue to tell us how many people have died of the virus and censor experts pointing this out (see also the video below).

2) Social media and news outlets and TV shows are telling us that 5G is fake news. There is no threat, and there is no connection to the coronavirus. But they are lying.

5G causes cell mutation, bacteria adaptation, cancer, flu-like symptoms and is even used by the military as a crowd control gun called Active Denial Systems that shoots a 5G frequency beam into crowds to cause a skin burning sensation.

Over 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations have appealed to the UN and 353 scientists and medical doctors have appealed to the EU to stop the rollout of 5G because it is dangerous to humans, animals and plants.

It is not possible that journalists do not know about this science, and if they don’t, they should not be journalists. The media is overtly complicit in a state agenda.

3) Social media and news outlets are saying vitamin C as a cure for the coronavirus is fake news. This is a lie.

Dr. ZhiYong Peng, a professor and the Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China, published his latest results from treating COVID-19 patients with high dose vitamin C.

New York hospitals are also treating patients with high doses of vitamin C taken intravenously and orally, and doctors in LA and NYC are also treating people with Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc.

Yet we are told this is fake news. Why is this being censored and removed?

Because it makes vaccinations unnecessary; the plan is to have everyone carrying a digital vaccination passport – and our basic freedom to assemble removed.

4) There is a global agenda being unrolled right now.

Forget the illuminati, secret bloodlines and secret societies; and leave for a moment whether hospitals are overwhelmed because of a bioweapon, a naturally occurring virus, or due to fearmongering panic created by the media; when we look at all the countries of the world, we see before our very eyes a global agenda.

Simply check:

Australia’s economy and people have been completely shutdown with 100 deaths, Malaysia with 100 deaths, Egypt with 415 deaths, Iceland with 10 deaths, Nepal with 0 deaths, while all of India is shutdown with 1300 deaths.

Why then are virtually all the world’s countries in lockdown? People say to be safe rather than sorry because of the lack of testing. BUT we know from point 1 that the tests are completely useless.

If you speak out against quarantine in many countries you can now be put in prison, and it is all based on a lie:


There are amazing things happening behind the scenes right now, and we have all the solutions we need.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to question the worldview we’ve held on to so strongly, and to ask ourselves:

What do I want my future to look like?

This is the great awakening. We are going through a transition in human consciousness; collectively our minds are moving out of the confines of this chosen story we’ve clung on to for comfort.

There are 3 things we can do to make this transition a positive one:

1) Wellness (developing our spiritual faculties).

Wellness in academic terms does not refer to a day at the spa. It is the actively pursued goal to achieve a higher level of functioning. It is the desire to increase both physical and mental health and well-being.

We can use this time to build our immune systems, reduce stress, anxiety, depressive thoughts, loneliness and dis-ease, and to build physical and mental strength.

This means actively eating better, sleeping better, connecting with nature and loved ones, increasing exercise, mindfulness, grounding, and getting creative.

2) Talk about this.

It can feel like you are the only one around you who is realising and seeing what is going on, but this is not true.

People are are more willing now than ever before to talk about this because the lies and deception are for the first time blatant and stark. The global police state is not hiding; it’s being forced upon us. People need to be informed.

3) Stop listening.

We all know that whatever is coming next, it will not be beneficial for us.

It is the job of politicians, governments, journalists, media outlets, corporations, etc, to prove to us that they deserve our trust. Somewhere along the way, we accepted the notion that once appointed, their right to rule is a given.

NO! If we cannot trust anything we are being told, we can switch off the TV and stop reading the newspapers.

The biggest threat to this global fascist police state that is being rolled out is not demonstrations, or elections, or protests; it is when we simply stop listening to them.


This course is not really a course. It is a community where we can support each other emotionally through this transition. (wellness)

It is also a place to share our perspectives and the information we have accrued. (criticality)

I am interested in providing a comfortable and safe space for anyone who is realising the mainstream media are compromised and we are being lied to.

Every week I will email an invitation to a Zoom meet-up where we can discuss how we are doing, and we will see how the group expands from there.

My focus will be how to optimise mental and physical health, how to embark on critical thought about these topics with others, and how to create a positive world.


It is FREE. It is my calling. Everything I do is on donation.

So please sign up if you are fed up with the lies and fear-mongering coming to us through the media.

We’ll explore the science, experience the benefits of liberating our minds, and we’ll have fun becoming the hero we want to see in the world – together!

“For longevity and the highest quality of health and life.” ~ robito

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