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Businesses and governments are simply driving the system we are supporting to its current logical conclusion - human extinction. We need to change.It is now predicted that as early as 2048, we may well have fished the last fish out of our oceans, cut down the last tree that once made up our rain forests, used up the last of the oil once stored deep within our planet, and polluted virtually all of the rivers that provide our drinking water. (source) (watch video here)

Plankton in our oceans produce at least 50% of the oxygen that we breath. Meanwhile, at least another 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon. As for oil, why are politicians allowing big oil corporations to continue fracking and digging up the Canadian tar sands, when they already have more oil than the planet can sustain if used? (source)

Now we have the USA and NATO determined to create a third world war by inciting hatred towards the West across the Middle East. (source)

These are not conspiracy theories, these are well-documented facts, and if civilians around the world do not join forces to do something to stop these politicians and big corporations from continuing what they are doing today, there will not be any civilisation left for our families and our children tomorrow.

We need a new way to do capitalism or a new way to do economics, and as frightening as this sounds, the only chance we have to save our families and our children and the communities we hold dear is to acknowledge this fact.

We all want a fairer, happier, less destructive system than the one we have now, but as long as we remain divided instead of embracing what unites us, governments can continue to simply ignore us, and just won’t care.

This first 30 mins documentary highlights the corruption within the current economic model. It critiques the current system from the perspective of Karl Marx.

Karl Marx is often demonised in countries like the USA (not so much in Europe) but Marx only philosophised on the flaws of capitalism; he said himself: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it.”

The documentary calls for a unified global uprising. Not a socialist uprising, or a political left uprising, but a unified revolt from everyone who wants to stop the criminals who are running the economy we have now.

Demonstrations are essential, but alone they are also just not effective enough. Occupy Wall Street has done wonders to bring the reality of wealth distribution (source) to the general public, but it has done nothing to change economics; worldwide demonstrations against war have done nothing to stop ongoing fighting in countries like Iraq – and now Syria; massive recent anti-austerity demonstrations in the UK have done nothing to stop Westminster continuing with austerity measures, and while mass demonstrations in Greece led to a successful vote against further borrowing of money from the privately owned European Central Bank at interest, the Greek government continues to borrow more money.

We live in a system that only functions when we borrow more and more and more money, in order to produce more and more stuff, and the most important thing is always to maximise profits by minimising costs, regardless of what effect minimising costs has on the environment. In fact, the success of modern economies depends on it.

According to economics as it works today, when people are struggling to survive on the money they earn, it is because they are not worth more money. The value of ‘human capital’ is dependent on their location.

Companies are absolved from all responsibility to care, and we cannot just hope governments will care more about us either. If we could rely on politicians alone, we would not be in this mess. Scientists have warned about all the impending environmental problems since the 70s.

As Michael Moore says: “[Change] will only happen if you get off your ass and do something.” (source) [5:44]

Businesses and governments are simply driving a system that we are supporting to its current logical conclusion – human extinction!

Our only chance is if we change the system. The following full length documentary film emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift in the way we see the world if we are to create meaningful and sustainable change and create a world where we can live harmoniously in a clean environment.

We can choose to stop permanent growth on a finite planet, environmental destruction and social injustice by spending or not spending our money because the way we choose to spend our money already affects economies all over the world.

If we all start asking questions about where our products come from, and buying or not buying accordingly, we can force even the biggest corporation to change.  We need to change consumers into activists.

But even demonstrating and consuming ethically is still not enough; in addition, we need to find a way to speed things up because if we wait for the next big economic collapse or climate disaster, which experts know are coming, it could already be too late and the end of everything we hold dear!

The only way is to stop supporting the system as it currently stands. We need to create our own solutions that are not participatory; we need counter institutions which run parallel to those of the official system that will gain momentum and ultimately take over. We need to do it better. This is where WUWE comes in!

WUWE is spreading the word about the need for real, systemic change and about the community of change-makers who are putting positive solutions into practice all over the world right now.