© Jeremiah MorelliI bet homework doesn’t sound exciting for many of you, but the homework I present here is completely different to anything you will learn in school or at some training at work. Plus here, you are in charge of what you want to learn more about.

It is also exciting! This homework enables you to go deep into a hidden reality that has been deliberately kept away from you by those at the top of the money pyramid.

Why? Because the information contained here allows you to learn all about why the current industrial growth system that we live in is destroying people and the planet, as well as the absolutely incredible happy, healthy, alternative reality full of meaning that we can all choose to live in if we stop listening to the nutters in charge.

So clear your brain of everything you have been told is true, put on your critical thinking cap, choose a topic below, and find out more about what excites you the most.


Do you read newspapers, fictional novels or non-fiction at school, at work or for pleasure? Is most of what you read about a positive world? Maybe you don’t read much at all. Is that partly because reading seems boring? Now imagine if everyone was reading facinating books from solutionaries about a happy, healthy world and being solutionary yourself. You will find those books here.


There are so many movies about heroes who save the world. These movies are fun, but fiction. Now imagine if most films released on the cinema were about solutionaries and solutions in the real world. There are so many films and documentaries from solutionaries focused on solutions but they rarely make it to the mainstream. You will find those films here.


Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the songs played on the radio and asked yourself what the messages are that these songs are teaching us? Now imagine if songs on the radio were from the many artists who sing about being solutionary and focusing on solutions. You will find that music here.


How many courses are you taking at school, college, or at work that focus on any of the following: how to be mentally and physically happy, healthy, find your passion, your purpose, and/or how to be solutionary for a positive and exciting future? Now imagine if everyone could take such courses. You will find more courses like this here.

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