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© Jeremiah MorelliOur homework enables you to learn much more about how to be healthy, happy, and of course solutionary. In fact, this could be the most exciting homework that you will ever do because you are in charge, and you decide what you are passionate about!

We expect that many of you don’t have happy memories about doing homework, but actually we could say that we are all doing homework all the time. Because every time you choose to watch a YouTube video, read a book, listen to music, or put on the TV, you are learning something you didn’t know before.

So how about spending more of that time learning about the solutions in the alternative, positive, solutions-focused world that grab your attention the most? Follow that gut feeling, pick a homework that stands out, and jump in to see how much it excites you.

We try to keep all our homework positive, but of course some of our homework asks you to learn more about deep, heavy subjects because every solutionary first learns about why things need solving, and then discovers what they want to help solve.

However, our homework is always solutions-focused. So put on your critical thinking cap, choose a category below, and let’s find out what solutions you are most passionate about. You never know. You might just find your life’s purpose in the process!


Do you read newspapers, fictional novels or non-fiction at school, at work or for pleasure? Is most of what you read about a positive world? Maybe you don’t read much at all. Is that partly because reading seems boring? Now imagine if everyone was reading facinating books from solutionaries about a happy, healthy world and being solutionary yourself. You will find those books here.


There are so many movies about heroes who save the world. These movies are fun, but fiction. Now imagine if most films released on the cinema were about solutionaries and solutions in the real world. There are so many films and documentaries from solutionaries focused on solutions but they rarely make it to the mainstream. You will find those films here.


Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the songs played on the radio and asked yourself what the messages are that these songs are teaching us? Now imagine if songs on the radio were from the many artists who sing about being solutionary and focusing on solutions. You will find that music here.


How many courses are you taking at school, college, or at work that focus on any of the following: how to be mentally and physically happy, healthy, find your passion, your purpose, and/or how to be solutionary for a positive and exciting future? Now imagine if everyone could take such courses. You will find more courses like this here.

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