© Jeremiah MorelliThe extra-curricula activities you will find here enable you to try out and get involved in activities that are completely different to the ones traditionally presented to you in school or at work.

Here you will find out about alternative ways to live, earn money, and even live without money, that are truly different, exciting, and rewarding.

Meet real-life people and get involved in real-life projects. Instead of work experience, here you will find solutions experience.

Instead of excursions, you can take part in solutions events, and instead of school clubs, you can join a solutions circle.

It is in the doing that we find the motivation, inspiration, and support to move from the current way of doing things into a new way of life that is happy, healthy, positive, solutions-focused and purposeful.


What if conventional work experience was focused on giving us the opportunity to work with people who are making the world a better place? How about volunteering at ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, or joining social projects focused on whole systems design, seed banking, or holistic health? The options are endless – and global – so pack your bags and get ready to expand your mind and transform your worldview forever.


What if school excursions were inspiring trips to celebrate a solutions-focused future with the people who are living this loving and compassionate vision right now? There are so many gatherings, festivals and events all over the world where you can meet hundreds or thousands of solutions-focused people passionate about co-creating a healthy, happy, positive future for all. On this course, these are exactly the types of excursions we encourage you to go on.


Imagine if there were clubs of people all over the world meeting every week to discuss, share and perfect their knowledge of solutions. Soon we will be launching our geosocial platform where people all over the world can create local weekly meet-ups to discuss solutions topics together and connect with other circles all over the world that are doing the same. We will offer weekly guidance through our social media platform and invite real-life solutionaries to do online Q&A video conferencing calls where you can pose questions and hear directly from the experts about the world-changing solutions and movements that they are involved in, as well as how you can get more involved if their solutions resonate with your passions. Sign up for updates.

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