I am on a mission to take critical thinking and solutions education around the world

What is Critical Thinking?
Why is Critical Thinking important?
Do we need more Critical Thinking?
Who is teaching Critical Thinking?

Lessons in Critical Thinking

The mainstream narrative: reality or just a story we are taught?

The Oxford dictionary defines education as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”, but is it only in academic institutions that we are given […]

Academics Call For Critical Thinking

In the previous lesson, I explained that the need for people to be able to critically think about current political events is increasing while studies suggest that the ability for the general public to critically think […]

A Lesson in Critical Thinking

Most of us would probably agree that critical thinking (being able to separate facts from fiction and thus make informed decisions) is important, but unfortunately this skill is largely missing in […]

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