© Jeremiah MorelliThis virtual classroom takes you to the solutions-focused reality that exists right now. Politicians and corporations are determined to destroy the planet and humanity in the name of economic growth; yet enough solutions exist right now to solve all the world’s problems.

Scientists say it is virtually game over for us all. Here you will learn about all the people who are busily involved in creating a third reality. There is a global solutions revolution taking place as people create a new way of living that is regenerative, works in harmony with nature, and leads to a healthy, happy future for us all.

The time is now. I strongly encourage teachers to take these solutions into their classrooms, and media outlets to report on them now. For self-study, the right way to learn is the way that personally works best for you, so you decide if you prefer to learn about solutions of interest individually, or search through solutions by topic. For each lesson, I do suggest you watch any included videos, think/talk about the Discussion Point included, and GO TO SITE to learn more.


Is there an alternative to the mainstream media’s fear and problem based narrative? Is there somewhere else we can go to read and watch news that is factual, substantiated, reliable and can be trusted? Is there somewhere we can go to discover positive, solutions-focused media that is inspiring and happy? Are there examples of life-changing media that are shifting the global narrative from one of fear and problems to one of love and solutions?


I have a book full of solutions that I call my Solutions Bible. The facts show that there is a solutions revolution and great transition going on right now. The human race is evolving, and I send out an email each time I add a new fact, so join the movement and sign up to receive weekly updates and stay informed here.

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