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© Jeremiah MorelliThis classroom is for every person of any age, any background and of any profession. Just be prepared to blow your mind – in a good way!

Each solution in the classroom is a lesson. The lessons (or solutions) are also grouped into the topics below. We encourage self-directed learning, so you can decide if you prefer to read solutions of interest individually, or search through solutions by topic.

There is no right or wrong way to learn. However, for each lesson, we do suggest you watch any included videos, and think about the Discussion Point included.

Then you can GO TO SITE and find out more information about what they do from their directly if you wish. Solutions Education is all about critical thinking, evaluation, discussion and debate, so we also encourage you to talk about each solution and its Discussion Point with others.

If you are a teacher or someone homeschooling, you can introduce an individual solution or several solutions by topic to your students, and have them discuss the Discussion Point with you or in pairs/groups. The GO TO SITE could be given as self-study either as homework or in class before students discuss or debate again. This time with more knowledge

There are many ways to build lessons, conversations and presentations around the solutions and topics that follow.


Discover the fascinating array of alternative ways to do schooling that are right now entering conventional schools or doing education in a completely different way. Learn about solutions-based learning, social-emotional learning, self-directed learning, nature-based learning, project-based learning, lifelong-learning, homeschooling, and many other forms of schooling centred on what the learner wants to learrn and needs to know to be happy, healthy, positive and solutionary.


Whole systems design is nothing less than the re-inventing of the entire current political, economic and social system. How exciting then to learn that there are so many alternatives to the current system that are designed to restore a healthy planet and a humane, positive world for all.


Discover the exciting solutions that are revolutionising the internet at this very moment to keep our online lives safe from attack, censorship, exploitation and our private data free from unauthorised access, including an abundance of easy-to-use online services that keep your private data safe, secure and free from advertising, as well as online currencies, community-owned social media platforms and even a new community-owned internet.


Find out about the alternative social media platforms and unification networks created by changemakers where people, causes, global movements and solutionaries are interacting with each other, working together, co-creating, and unifying the solutions–focused global transformation movement that already exists right now.


Learn about and even interact with the vast array of global networks of communities that are building eco-villages, permaculture and gift economy communities, and many other alternative, intentional forms of living that are focused on cooperating and co-creating with each other and with nature for a healthier, happier, and more rewarding way to live.


Discover positive, solutions-focused media, both physical and online, that offer an alternative perspective on the world that is nothing short of life-changing. Read and watch news that is factual, inspiring, sometimes mindblowing, and totally solutionary because it is changing the global narrative from one of fear to one of global participation in an exciting future.


Enter the world of science fiction. Learn about the technologies of tomorrow that already exist today. Sustainable free energy, life-changing forms of transport, computers and mobile phones that don’t need throwing away, and endless more facinating inventions that could fix the world’s problems today.

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