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Category: Wellness

Hypergiant EOS Bioreactor

The Hypergiant EOS Bioreactor uses artificial intelligence (AI) to control algae growth in order to absorb 400 times more CO2 than trees and produce endless biomass that can be used as carbon-negative fuel.

The Free World Charter

The Free World Charter is a statement of 10 founding principles designed to aid society in our conscious evolution towards a new, fair and free regenerative Open Economy that supports true freedom, abundance and sustainability.

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a global eco-activist movement that links the climate crisis, a broken economic system, and the need for higher spiritual values, to the science on the effectiveness of non-violent civic disobedience to cause real positive change.

Noca Clean Energy

Noca Clean Energy (NCE) have engineered the DMIG, a Digital Magnetic Transducer Generator which produces zero-emission, inexpensive, easy to maintain, and continuously available, free clean energy.