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5G: The Internet of Things

According to the media, any suggested links between 5G and negative health effects or COVID-19 are baseless fake news. Meanwhile scientists call on the EU and U.N. to stop 5G. So what are the facts, and what can we do to mitigate any risks?

The COVID-19 Threat

The world is immersed in palpable fear and panic, but how afraid should we actually be? How real is the threat? What is the cause and consequence? To what extent is the media exaggerating and fearmongering (or not)? I decided to look at the facts.

Online Censorship

Today we are experiencing the online censorship of anyone who has something different to say than the mainstream. These materials provide a context (background) for the topic of Online Censorship with lesson ideas which can be used in class.


This 10th Anniversary Edition of the award winning 2005 film narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, with music by Moby, showcases the many ways we use animals as Pets, Food, Clothing, Entertainment and Scientific Research.

Amazon Echo and the CIA

This research article explains how Amazon is connected to the CIA and now hoping to aid the USA in war. The Amazon Echo’s Alexa is on and listening to our homes all day, but is it spying on us, and if so, what is the solution?


This research article explores how Yahoo! holds the three time record for the largest cybersecurity breaches of all time, how all their user information was scanned and collected, and concludes with a simple solution to ensure user safety.

Stare into the Lights my Pretties

Two years before The Social Dilemma, this award-winning film explores technoculture from the perspective of screen culture, targeted information, cybersecurity, social control, behaviour modification and online addiction. Both films agree on the solution.

Mainstream Narrative

This Trews-style presentation shows how following the mainstream narrative leads to doom and gloom and is having an incredibly detrimental effect on wellness, but it is just a story. The solution is to explore a different positive narrative of reality.

Mainstream Media

This film presents the science behind the mainstream media and shows how the media industry and its narrative is having a hugely detrimental effect on personal and global wellness. The solution is profound yet simple.

The Art of Critical Thinking

This presentation shows how cognitive dissonance raises our awareness (or consciousness) as we experience firsthand to what extent our conditioning is shaping our decision-making and our perception of reality.

Ethos Genesis

This film explores the many facets of our current system from economics, media and politics to war, and presents the position that we need to create a new ethos, a new way of doing things, and suggests it all begins with the way we spend our money.