You are Special

This presentation reminds us that we are all unique, we are all special, and presents examples to demonstrate that success in life comes from realising our own personal passions.

The Mainstream Narrative

This Trews-style presentation shows how following the mainstream narrative leads to doom and gloom, but it is just a story we are taught to accept as reality.

The Truth Behind Capitalism

This film critiques capitalism from the perspective of Karl Marx, a philosopher who popularised the ideas of socialism and communism.

Mainstream Media – The Movie

This film presents the science behind the mainstream media and shows how the media industry and its narrative is having a hugely detrimental effect on personal and global wellness.

The Art of Critical Thinking

This presentation shows how cognitive dissonance raises our awareness (or consciousness) as we experience firsthand to what extent our conditioning is shaping our decision-making and our perception of reality.

Truth in Media w/ Ben Swann

Truth in Media is daring investigative journalism from multi-award-winning journalist Ben Swann on stories covered in the mainstream, and the facts that are not.

Signal Secure Messaging App

Signal is the world's most secure instant messaging, video and voice calling app developed by a team passionate about the public's right to privacy.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project proposes a new holistic socio-economic design called a Resource Based Economy and is developing the first city.

Positive News

Positive News is the the world's first crowdfunded global media cooperative and a pioneer of reporting on what is going right.

yes! Magazine

yes! is an award-winning solutions media magazine available online and in print that reports on inspiring, solutions-focused news.

Tutanota Encrypted Email

Tutanota is the world's most secure free encrypted email service, keeping people's personal and private emails safe from unauthorised access, with a mission to become the privacy-respecting alternative to Google.

Ethos Genesis

This film explores the many facets of our current system from economics, media and politics to war, and asks us to consider that our current way of seeing and doing things may be severely misguided.