The Wim Hof Method vs. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn The Wim Hof Method, a breathing, mindset and cold therapy practice that defies science, enabling anyone to control their immune system, combat illness and become extraordinarily healthy, happy and strong.

Englisch-Schulprojekte in Leipzig

Momentan besuche ich Schulen in Leipzig. Ich habe meine 22 Jahre einzigartiger Englisch- Lehrerfahrungen in einen ganz speziellen einstündigen Workshop und einwöchigen Kurs verpackt. KOSTENLOSE Workshops für alle interessierten Schulen sind jetzt erhältlich.

English Projects in Leipzig Schools

I am currently visiting schools in Leipzig, Germany. I have put my 22 years of unique teaching experience into a very special course. I offer FREE talks to interested schools, so students can meet me and see what a project with me would be like.


Commune offers FREE and paid online courses by some of the world's foremost experts on health and wellness, designed to help everyone discover practices for physical, spiritual, and societal health.

On the Path to Strawberry Fields

On the Path to Strawberry Fields features leading writers, scientists, visionaries and change agents, who together explain the personal and societal transformation that began with the imaginal cell, and is now taking shape and form worldwide.