NuMundo – Transformational Experiences

NuMundo provide a platform to discover transformational experiences at ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers across the globe.

Unify – Global Synchronized Events

Unify organise the world's biggest global synchronized meditation, yoga, prayer and ceremony events based on modern scientific research that inner peace creates a peaceful environment.

Sono Motors – The goSono Sharing App

Sono Motors, a small German company, have created an app that allows people to share their Sion car with other people in 3 unique ways - carsharing, ridesharing and powersharing - enabling people to help others, their wallet and the environment.

Collective Evolution – Solutions-Focused News

Collective Evolution (CE) is a grassroots online news and education outlet that today has become the world’s most popular alternative media platform on shifting consciousness and bringing about solutions to transform the world.

Permaculture Worldwide Network

The Permaculture Worldwide Network is an interactive database of projects, practitioners, teachers, and consultants from all over the world as well as forums, courses and resources to help you learn about and build your own permaculture community.

Zeitgeist – The Movie Trilogy | Film Series

The Zeitgeist film series has been a major catalyst in bringing the fundamental flaws with, and possible alternatives to, our current economic system into the public domain, helping spark many global solutions-focused movements that are uniting today.