The New Normal ⚡

The World Economic Forum has set out the plan for the new normal after COVID-19. Launched by Prince Charles and supported by the world's biggest banks, institutions and corporations, the plan is a great reset of capitalism that will put business in charge of global healing, unless we heal ourselves.

5G: The Internet of Things

According to the media, any suggested links between 5G and negative health effects or COVID-19 are baseless fake news. Meanwhile scientists call on the EU and U.N. to stop 5G. So what are the facts, and what can we do to mitigate any risks?

Quick Wellness Updates #1

Uplifting news about The Social Dilemma, Plandemic, Unite for Freedom, The Call to Unite, Unity Earth, Caravan of Unity, UP Convergence, Peace Weekend 2020,, WE, 11 Days of Global Unity, One Planet Peace Forum, Imagine for 1 Minute, and the beginning of a new phase of wellness.

Good News Daily

Every day there is more evidence that there is a global wellness revolution taking place, the tools to solve all of today’s personal and global problems exist, and a global community thriving in wellness is rapidly being created.

Time of the Sixth Sun

Time of the Sixth Sun is a movie and eight part docu-series 11 years in the making about the awakening of humanity as told by Australian and American indigenous peoples, and 85+ Indigenous Elders, Visionary Thought Leaders and Wisdom Keepers in 16 countries around the world.

The COVID-19 Threat

The world is immersed in palpable fear and panic, but how afraid should we actually be? How real is the threat? What is the cause and consequence? To what extent is the media exaggerating and fearmongering (or not)? I decided to look at the facts.


Micronutrients enable our amazing biological machines to function. They are vital for energy, mood, growth, repair, and for strengthening the immune system to prevent or overcome a disease like virus COVID-19. Discover some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

The Wim Hof Method

Learn The Wim Hof Method, a free and simple breathing, mindset and cold therapy practice that defies science, enabling anyone to control their immune system, combat illness and become extraordinarily healthy, happy and strong.

On the Path to Strawberry Fields

The film On the Path to Strawberry Fields features leading writers, scientists, visionaries and change agents, who together explain the personal and societal transformation that began with the imaginal cell, and is now taking shape and form worldwide.

Measuring Health

Free reference guide on how to measure BMI, Body Water, Body Fat, Belly Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, LBM, BMR, Metabolic Age, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Steps, Sleep, Glucose, Ketones, GKI, Dr. Boz Ratio, Cholesterol, Hemoglobin, diet and exercise, and the benefits.


Narrated by 100 celebrities with 1 voice and 1 message, the film Unity invites the viewer to go on a journey beyond the perceptions of them and us, to instead consider humanity, the animals, the environment, and all conscious life, as one unit.


HonorPay is a free, fun, open online public awards system in which appreciation can be awarded to anyone based around a virtual currency called an Honor. Send tokens of gratitude and extend the idea of giving or gifting for a more compassionate world.

Online Censorship

Today we are experiencing the online censorship of anyone who has something different to say than the mainstream. These materials provide a context (background) for the topic of Online Censorship with lesson ideas which can be used in class.