The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method is a meditation, exercise and cold endurance practice that is scientifically proven to enable anyone with the mindset to be able to combat illness and become extraordinarily healthy, happy, strong and fully energised.



This research article demonstrates that Yahoo! is a personal and global health risk, but the solution that promotes personal and global wellness is simple - use encrypted services instead.


Protonmail is the world's most versatile free encrypted email service with support for email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail, as well as Facebook.

Stare into the Lights my Pretties

This award-winning film about technoculture explores screen culture, cybersecurity, targeted information, social control, behaviour modification and online addiction.

You are Special

This presentation reminds us that we are all unique, we are all special, and gives examples to demonstrate that success in life comes from realising our own personal passions.

The Mainstream Narrative

This Trews-style presentation shows how the mainstream narrative leads to doom and gloom but is just a story we are taught to accept as reality.

The Truth Behind Capitalism

This film critiques capitalism from the perspective of philosopher Karl Marx who popularised the terms socialism and communism.

Mainstream Media – The Movie

This film supports academic research and demonstrates how the mainstream media has a hugely detrimental effect on personal and global wellness.

The Art of Critical Thinking

This presentation shows how critical thinking raises our awareness of our conditioned beliefs, leading to objective opinions and informed decisions.