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Tutanota – Start Using Free Encrypted Email

Tutanota are building a fully encrypted Gmail alternative starting with Email.

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Ethos Genesis (2015) | Film

Ethos Genesis (2015) is an updated version of the highly acclaimed 2011 documentary film ETHOS directed by activist Pete McGrain and hosted by Woody Harrelson.

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The Truth Behind Capitalism (2015) | Film

The Truth Behind Capitalism (2015) critiques capitalism from the perspective of Karl Marx.

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Investigating Banks, Money and Debt

A considerable amount of our time is spent thinking about, worrying about, saving, spending and earning money.

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Thinking Critically About Terrorist Attacks in Turkey

The purpose of this thought exercise is to bring another perspective to situations in order to think about them more critically.

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Islamophobia in the Mainstream Media

3000 Muslims marched to promote peace and condemn ISIS — yet not one single mainstream TV media outlet covered the event.

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The True Cost of Profit

Stefan Molyneaux, a well-known capitalist libertarian, explains to WUWE that in a free-market economy, it is not the company’s role to care about poor working conditions for employees.

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