My name is Robert (robito) Chatwin and I have almost 20 years experience teaching in primary, secondary and higher education institutions around the world.

I trained in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and Psychology at university in Oxford, and was later given qualified teacher Status (QTS) from a special training programme awarded at the Houses of Parliament.

Over the years, I have delivered Teacher Training workshops at educational conferences in many countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria, and worked directly with the Ministry of Education in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Wake Up World Education is my own course that combines critical thinking education with an emerging field, which I call Solutions Education.

First, I teach The Art of Critical Thinking, which is the ability to consider an argument (point of view) or a question with a completely open mind so we can make an informed decision based on all the facts.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

The hardest part of Critical Thinking and why studies show most people cannot do it is breaking through cognitive dissonance, which is when people argue white is black rather than accept facts that strongly challenge their conditioning (what they have learnt so far).

Second, I combine this skill with Solutions Education in order to break through the psychological barrier of cognitive dissonance. Solutions Education, then, is the art of looking at that other side of the argument which is not our conditioning, and that means looking at the opposite of the fear-based, problems-focused narrative we are presented with every day – on TV and in the news, for example.

Solution Education therefore explores the love-based, solutions-focused alternative reality instead, and as the fear, problems and cognitive dissonance are replaced with the truth of this alternative narrative, we see that we have all the solutions we need to fix every personal and global problem on the planet.

All we need to do is practise critical thinking (think), explore solutions education (develop) and then act on the facts (evolve), and that is also already happening too.

There is a solutions revolution happening right now as people all of the world are embracing this exciting, new solutions-focused narrative, and it is asking you to get involved.

This is what my course Wake Up World Education will show you, and it is FREE.

I provide WUWE on this website for free so all can benefit. I am also on a mission to take The Art of Critical Thinking and Solutions Education around the world physically.

If you would like me to visit you for lessons, workshops or talks/lectures then feel free to contact me or sign up to receive weekly updates and stay informed.

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