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The WUWE Team

We are a growing network of educators from all over the world who are empowering an educated public with the knowledge to improve their own personal health, the health of their local communities, and even the health of the planet on a global scale.

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The WUWE team created this site and are involved in The Wake Up Project, but we have our growing community of Partner Educators who collaborate with us.

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The WUWE Team

Robito Chatwin

Robito is the founder of WUWE and The Wake Up Project. He is a keen writervideo editor and adventurer with more than 14 years experience teaching in the primary, secondary and higher education sectors worldwide.

He has worked with the Ministry of Education in Russia and Kazakhstan, and delivered Teacher Training workshops at many educational conferences around the world.

Daniela Senkl

Daniela has more than 8 years experience teaching at universities in Austria, Germany and the UK and currently works as a Lecturer in Accounting in Scotland.

She has worked as a visiting researcher in the USA, developed courses in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Accounting, is passionate about sustainable business practices, and growing a revolution around food.

Our Partner Educators

Brandon Peele

Brandon is founder of the Planet Purpose Leadership Academy, a global movement to awaken our species to the power of purpose, and is on the faculty of the Purpose Guides Institute.

He teaches the FREE 21-Day Purpose Challenge and is author of FREE e-book The Science of Purpose and Planet on Purpose, a guide to create a life and planet you love.

Elina St-Onge

Elina St-Onge is an avid photographervideo editor, and the founder of Think For Yourself, a movement dedicated to restoring humanity’s faith in its own innate intelligence, potential, and capacity to be sovereign.

She is also partner and contributor for SOULspot, writes for Collective Evolution, and author of the FREE e-book How To Change The World.

Mat Dowle

Mat Dowle is a triathlete, runner and real life ironman with 15 years experience as a website developer and creator of Coeō, a global online community connecting individuals on a local level who are passionate about a fair and just world.

His focus is encouraging cooperation, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge to help create the unified global action needed to ensure a better future for all.

Colin Turner

Colin Turner is a nature lover, writer, musician, and creator of The Free World Movement, a social reform initiative that proposes 10 founding principles on which to grow an alternative FREE society that is fair and sustainable.

His current projects include the The Freeworld Charter, the Freeworlder Community, and HonorPay, a FREE public awards system for expressing appreciation and gratitude.

Tutanota Team

The Tutanota team are passionate about bringing online freedom and internet privacy to the world.

In the wake of increasing mass surveillance, data capture and spying in the name of protection, they encourage critical thought via their blog, are helping develop the world’s first private and secure smartphone, UnaPhone, and offer FREE open source encrypted email.

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