© Jeremiah MorelliWake Up World Education (WUWE) was founded in 2014 by Robert Chatwin (robito) to help empower an educated public with the knowledge to improve their own personal health, the health of their local communities, and the health of the planet on a global scale.

Today, in 2018, the solutions to fix all of our personal and global problems not only exist, but the solutionary people, communities and movements behind these solutions are now uniting – a solutions revolution is upon us.

WUWE is contributing to this global movement for positive change by switching people on (or waking people up) to this solutions-focused reality not presented in the mainstream media.

We encourage critical thinking, evaluation, discussion and debate about the current system and all the solutions that exist right now, and believe that educating yourself about solutions is not only energising and inspiring, but also leads to a purpose-driven, exciting life.

This is because by becoming actively involved in learning about solutions, a shift in consciousness (or awareness) takes place. In other words, we start to shift our focus away from problems and instead to what we can do to be happy, healthy, and contribute positively to fixing the world around us.

We (WUWE) take Solutions Education into schools, workplaces, homes and communities via talks, workshops, presentations and lessons. We also provide Solutions Education online via our FREE Solutions School and our FREE Solutions Circle.

We are not here to tell people what to think. We simply introduce people to the solutions-focused world that already exists, and provide them with the knowledge, tools and community to be able to participate in the emerging, exciting solutions revolution – if they wish.

If you would like to collaborate, co-create, or simply find out more about our Solutions Education movement, please contact us by email or sign up here to get involved and stay informed.

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