© Jeremiah MorelliA typical school curriculum may cover some of the problems we face in the world, such as the consequences of climate change, but it covers very little about how the current industrial growth society we live in today is causing these problems, and even less about what we can do to change it.

Teachers and students are excited about new innovations and solutions that fix today’s problems, but they are not in the conventional curriculum.

This is the case in academic institutions the world over, and it is not surprising.

Schools are designed to prepare us to go into the workforce and contribute to the current system. The problem is that, as we all know, this system is now rapidly destroying our planet, and us.

Education is not only in our schools. The Oxford dictionary defines education as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university“, but it is not only in academic institutions that we are given systematic instruction on what to think.

The mainstream media also fits this description. In the news, for example, we are systematically taught all about the world’s problems. We are of course also told that governments are working to fix them; yet climate change, war, poverty and environmental destruction keep increasing.

Meanwhile, the advertisements in newspapers, on TV, online, and on billboards across the world, constantly teach us that we are here to keep buying and consuming. Consumerism, the message goes, will make us happy, and create a healthy economy at the same time; yet mental and physical illness is at epidemic proportions, while the world’s economies are in ever-increasing debt.

In other words, we are all being educated all the time that our purpose is to earn money, consume, and let those in charge sort out our future. Then we share that message with the people around us, and pass on that information to our children.

All this leaves us feeling rather helpless, like there is nothing much we can do. But is this the reality, or is there another way to see the world that we are not being taught?

Solution Education

Today, in 2018, the solutions to fix all of our personal and global problems exist, and the people, communities and movements behind these solutions are now uniting – a solutions revolution is upon us.

Solutions Education encourages critical thinking, evaluation, discussion and debate about all the solutions that exist right now, and taking action to become part of the solution ourselves.

Shifting our perspective (or focus) towards what we can do to be happy, healthy, and contribute positively to fixing the world around us is not only energising, exciting and inspiring, but empowering.



Solutions Education encourages critical thinking, evaluation, discussion and debate about all the solutions that exist right now. We also encourage self-directed learning (or self-study) and believe that educating yourself about solutions will lead to a healthy, purpose-driven, exciting life.

This is because by becoming actively involved in learning about solutions, a shift in consciousness (or awareness) takes place. In other words, we start to shift our focus away from problems and instead to what we can do to be happy, healthy, and contribute positively to fixing the world around us.





I take Solutions Education into schools, workplaces, homes and communities via talks, workshops, presentations and lessons which we deliver to people of any age and background all over the world. I do this because education is a life long learning process, and Solutions Education has the potential to provide a positive, healthy, happy, exciting and purpose-driven alternative way of life to everyone.

We also provide Solutions Education online to anyone who wants to learn about this exciting alternative, solutions-focused reality via our FREE Solutions School, as well our FREE Solutions Circle, the world’s biggest solutions-focused meet-up, which anyone around the world can join to talk with featured solutionaries who are right now helping to create a healthy, happy people and planet.

We are not here to tell people what to think. We simply introduce people to the solutions-focused reality that already exists, and provide them with the knowledge and tools to be able to participate in the emerging, exciting solutions revolution – if they wish.

If you would like to collaborate, co-create, or simply find out more about Solutions Education, please contact us by email or sign up here to get involved and stay informed.

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