© Jeremiah Morelli1. Create an exciting online solutions-focused educational platform (our school) where the world’s global solutions are collated for everyone to see, learn about, engage in themselves, and share with others.

2. Connect with all of the solutionaries being collated on the platform, inform them that we are helping create a solutions-focused world by taking all their solutions into classrooms, into communities, and also bringing these solutions to everyone who has access to the internet.

3. Connect with schools, community centres, work places, teachers, students, CEOs, politicians, celebrities, anyone who is interested in helping bring solutions education, and a solutions revolution into the mainstream.

4. Create events and deliver talks, presentations, workshops, lectures and lessons in schools, in workplaces, in homes, in communities and encourage all the people we meet in these environments to do the same.

5. Connect with mainstream news outlets to inform them what we are doing and encourage them to report on it.

6. Provide an online collaborative social platform where solutions-sharing individuals and groups in schools, workplaces, homes and communities can actively interact with each other and participate in co-creating a solutions-focused public by creating their own events, and sharing their own talks, presentations, workshops, lectures, lessons and other materials, resources and stories for everyone else to share and use.

7. Co-create a new reality, a new norm, where everyone is focused on solutions for a positive future, especially the children of today, so we are all feeling positive about the human race, positive about what we can achieve, and shaping the future into one that is healthy for people and healthy for the planet.

If you would like to collaborate, co-create, or simply find out more about our mission, please contact us by email or sign up here to get involved and stay informed.

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