About ➯ Robito Chatwin

My name is Robert (robito) Chatwin and I have almost 20 years experience teaching in primary, secondary and higher education institutions around the world.

I trained in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and Psychology at university in Oxford, and later obtained a unique, dual Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from both the UK and Austria through a special training programme awarded at the Houses of Parliament in the UK.

Over the years, I have delivered training workshops in many countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria, and I have worked directly with the Ministry of Education in Russia and Kazakhstan.

From Then to Now

As my 20-year career teaching languages evolved, I developed an interest in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

At universities in the UK, I help students develop the ability to critically evaluate – neither accepting nor rejecting a given hypothesis until all the evidence has been properly analysed – and basing opinions on objectivity and open-minded examination by following facts and evidence, rather than assumptions and preconceived ideas, in order to form a position.

This led me to first start teaching, what I call, The Art of Critical Thinking, or “developing and mastering the ability to form objective opinions and make informed decisions”.

At the same time, I have also spent the last 20+ years travelling the world on a spiritual journey, or a quest for meaning – who are we, why are we here, what is consciousness, and what is happiness?

All this has led me to develop my own subject: Personal & Global Wellness Training: “the science of how to achieve and maintain health and well-being on a personal and global scale”.

Today, I work every summer as a Tutor of EAP at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, teaching critical thinking skills to help international students prepare for study. The rest of the year I study, practise and teach Personal & Global Wellness Training, and present the latest findings here.


Nottingham University, England, 2018 (PDF)
Reading University, England, 2017 (video)
Reading University, England, 2016 (video)


Collective Evolution (current author)
Elephant Journal (2014, 2015, 2015)