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My name is Robert (robito) Chatwin and I have 20 years experience teaching in primary, secondary and higher education institutions around the world.

I trained in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and Psychology at university in Oxford, and later obtained a unique, dual Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from both the UK and Austria through a special training programme awarded at the Houses of Parliament in the UK.

Academic Journey

As my 20-year career teaching languages evolved, I developed an interest in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

At universities in the UK, I help students develop skills in criticality – neither accepting nor rejecting a given hypothesis until all the evidence has been properly analysed – and basing opinions on objectivity and open-minded examination by following facts and evidence, rather than assumptions and preconceived ideas.

Over the years, I have refined my personal teaching method into, what I call, The Art of Critical Thinking, or the art of “developing and mastering the ability to form objective opinions and make informed decisions”.

Both this academic journey and my own personal journey emphasise the importance of learning with critical reflection (or self-enquiry) and a solutions-focused mindset.

Personal Journey

A 2013 Tedx talk by clinical psychologist Dr. Stephen Llardi presents the findings that by the time Americans born in 2003 are in their mid-twenties, 25% will be depressed, stating that “For many Americans, Europeans and people throughout the Western world”, there is “an epidemic of depressive illness”.

Born in England, I suffered suicidal ideation as a teenager; at 18 years old after finishing school, I left home to discover new pastures as an EF Au Pair in the USA. From that moment forth, my personal journey became travelling and discovering health and happiness (wellness).

Consequently, I spent the last 20+ years exploring this world on, what some call, a spiritual journey, and I call “a quest for deeper meaning” – Who are we? Why are we here? What is consciousness? What is happiness? What does it mean to feel alive?

From Then to Now

Combining my academic journey and interest in facts, evidence and critical thought with my personal journey and interest in self-enquiry, solutions and wellness, I have developed my own subject called Personal & Global Wellness Training.

The knowledge I have gained has changed every aspect of my life in incredibly beneficial, almost indescribably positive ways. My passion has become helping others succeed academically and in life by sharing this knowledge so that they can make more informed personal decisions that increase health, happiness and well-being for themselves and the world around them.

Today, I continue to work every summer as a Tutor of EAP at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, teaching critical thinking skills that enable international students to be able to succeed at their studies. The rest of the year I continue to travel, learn, develop and evolve, and share the latest I discover on personal and global wellness with you.

About WUWE

Wake Up World Education (WUWE) is my personal project to build an academic, science-supported, online educational platform that anyone can use to increase health and happiness.

WUWE provides free educational resources for personal and classroom use to develop critical thinking skills and increase wellness on a personal and global scale. WUWE provides my Personal & Global Wellness Training.

WUWE holds the position that today, in 2019, the tools to solve all of our personal and global problems now exist, and that the latest scientific research supports this position.

WUWE presents the latest scientific research on personal and global wellness to empower people with the knowledge to improve their own personal wellness, the wellness of their local communities, and the wellness of the planet on a global scale.


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Collective Evolution (current author)
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