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The Great Reset
Stakeholder Capitalism
Corporate Trustees
New Social Contract
4th Industrial Revolution
Gift Wrapped Slavery

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Just as EVENT 201 (see video above) laid out with “unfortunate and coincidental” (people tell me) accuracy exactly what would happen during the COVID-19 pandemic weeks before it actually happened, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has laid out exactly what The New Normal is going to be afterwards.

It is called ‘The Great Reset’ and it is a new form of capitalism.

Once again, like clockwork, the world’s most popular media outlets (such as The Sun and The New York Times) are telling us this is baseless conspiracy. It’s laughable really.

The Great Reset is presented so openly by the WEF on their own official website (see image and video above), it now has its own Wikipedia page, and some journalists writing for lesser read media outlets such as The Spectator and RT News are reporting that this is indeed FACT.


The Great Reset

So what is The New Normal that the World Economic Forum (WEF) are calling the Great Reset Initiative?

If you click on the main page where it says ‘Find out more about the Great Reset’, you are taken to an article from WEF founder, Klaus Schwab, which explains:

There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable.

To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

The Great Reset Initiative is to restart society due to the COVID-19 lockdowns under a new form of capitalism called “Stakeholder Capitalism”.


Stakeholder Capitalism

This does not sound so bad. If you look at a definition, ‘stakeholder’ includes the employees and the customers, seemingly a fairer version of capitalism. And it is being hailed by the WEF as a green and sustainable form of capitalism.

BUT if you click on the word “stakeholder capitalism” in the aforementioned article (see above image), it takes you to another article by Schwab that defines what he and the WEF mean by “stakeholder capitalism”:

Generally speaking, we have three models to choose from. The first is “shareholder capitalism,” embraced by most Western corporations, which holds that a corporation’s primary goal should be to maximize its profits. The second model is “state capitalism,” which entrusts the government with setting the direction of the economy, and has risen to prominence in many emerging markets, not least China.

But, compared to these two options, the third has the most to recommend it. “Stakeholder capitalism,” a model I first proposed a half-century ago, positions private corporations as trustees of society, and is clearly the best response to today’s social and environmental challenges.

Stakeholder Capitalism – as defined by the WEF that is initiating it – means putting private corporations in charge of human well-being “as trustees of society”.

So the question now should be: Which private corporations get to become our new “trustees of society”?

(here is the article reprinted in full).


Corporate Trustees

If you go back to the main WEF page about the Great Reset and click on ‘Partners’, you will see a long alphabetically divided list of corporations that are part of this Great Reset of capitalism.

These partners include the world’s banks and insurance companies from all over the world (including China), and all the biggest and most powerful corporations: Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation, Mastercard, Bloomberg, Boeing, Barclaycard, Google, Paypal, etc etc.

In addition, the House of Windsor (the British Royal Family) and the Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative are both partnered with and officially launched this initiative.

Therefore, to pretend this is not happening is ridiculous. Global world leaders (ie. presidents, prime ministers and politicians) will be being pressured by banks, royalty and lobbied by big business to support this transition into Stakeholder Capitalism.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 lockdowns have created a situation in which politicians do not have the ability to fix the coming global recession with the resources currently available to them; so this along with financial and power incentives makes it pretty inevitable they will accept the initiative from the WEF, House of Windsor, and big corporations and banks.

So now the question should be: What does the Great Reset actually involve? Is this reset a good thing?


New Social Contract

The WEF explains that:

this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.

By exploring what this “set of dimensions to build a new social contract” is, we find it includes the move to digital currency, the promise of universal income (free money to live) and the cancellation of individual debt. This doesn’t sound so bad.

“The price of these concessions”, according to Former Apostolic Nuncio to the USA, Carlo Maria Viganò (see excerpt above), “will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19.”

He continues, “Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated.” (PDF)

You have to decide for yourself if this so far sounds like a good idea. To me it sounds like a new global form of Nazi fascism in which the new Jews are those who disagree with the “new social contract”, destined to isolation from society, possibly in existing camps where we already conveniently forget those displaced by the West’s war on terrorism.

You may say I’m being too extreme. What about the refugees from the wars we started in the Middle East? Where are they now? The inconvenient truth is they are in camps right now that we all forget about. Those at the top of the financial pyramid know exactly how to manipulate us. How many of us are already reporting people who go outside or don’t want to wear a mask?

It also reminds me of an interview with actor Donald Sutherland who explains that the The Hunger Games films, in which he played dictator President Snow, are a warning for the youth of today about what is coming if we continue to put blind faith in today’s leaders and ignore the reality of what’s happening.


4th Industrial Revolution

The WEF’s Great Reset also includes the initiation of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, which Wikipedia explains:

The phrase Fourth Industrial Revolution was first introduced by Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in a 2015 article published by Foreign Affairs. On October 10, 2016, the Forum announced the opening of its Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco. Schwab includes in this fourth era technologies that combine hardware, software, and biology (cyber-physical systems), … marked by breakthroughs in emerging technologies in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the internet of things, 5G wireless technologies, 3D printing, and fully autonomous vehicles.

The idea is therefore to merge humans with bio-technology run by corporations. The problem is not the technology. The problem is the track record of the banks, corporations, institutions and their monopolies that have taken us to where we are today. Do you trust them to be “trustees of society” and use the technology in our best interest?

The WEF itself states (see below) that “The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions. These advances are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril.”

If we look at the top 10 emerging technologies according to the WEF, these include painless microneedle injections added to creams, converting waste carbon dioxide into chemicals, using AI simulations to perform vaccination trials, connecting people to Spatial Computing which “allows sensors and motors to react to one another and creates a digital representation of the real world” and allows the “coordinator” to “track and control the movements and interactions of objects as a person moves through the digital or physical world“, and whole-genome synthesis, which “could even allow scientists to design pathogen-resistant plants, or us to write our own genome – opening the door to possible misuse, of course.”

The question now is: Is this Fourth Industrial Revolution the kind of world that YOU want to live in? Or let me put it another way: Who in their right mind thinks that this sounds like a good idea?

(learn more about 5G and The Internet of Things here).


Gift Wrapped Slavery

I will finish on a positive, but first I wish to point out .. Some see this ongoing progression into a new technological form of global control as forced upon us. I believe this is the result of a far more dangerous phenomenon – Gift Wrapped Slavery.

For instance, we now know that absorbing ourselves daily in mainstream media, negative news, endless hours on Netflix, or checking in constantly on social media, is extremely bad for us, but these services are so well gift wrapped we do it anyway.

Smart watch technology, for example, is now able to identify if we have a heart murmur and can predict when we will die. Yet we can’t wait to buy these products that give all our information to corporations who we know then share the data with government spy agencies. Why?

Because our slavery is so well gift wrapped!

We willingly accept measures reminiscent of totalitarian control. People are closing their businesses, agreeing to stay indoors, wearing masks, using hand sanitiser, rushing to take COVID-19 tests and deciding not to travel abroad because it makes them feel safe, even though it is now known scientific fact that the virus itself is no more deadly than the flu for anyone in good health, wearing masks (especially cotton masks) has little to absolutely no effect, there is no actual science that a coronavirus can be passed on via surfaces, and the coronavirus tests have been shown to be completely unreliable.

(contact me if you are not able to find and would like proof of anything I have just said, read my article on The COVID-19 Threat, or this excellent article from Collective Evolution).



When I wrote this article I was back in Spain when the state of Andalucia first went in lockdown; yet the few backpackers travelling at that time were (and still are) able to move between cities because no one is checking.

Residents of England are still (since Nov 2020) not allowed to leave their country, even if the country they would like to fly to is happily allowing people to enter. In fact, all people needed to do in November was tell the airport check in desk that they were flying for work or education, but families lost their holiday, their money and stayed at home because they were told not to fly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re in a human experiment right now to see how many nonsensical restrictions we will accept without anyone having to police us at all. I am in Portugal now, and people tell me off in the street if I walk around without a mask. The police say nothing here. They don’t have to. We are busy policing each other.

Stakeholder capitalism will be sold as a sustainable new green solution. The Great Reset Initiative is just one more example of the same gift wrapped slavery that I (like many others) have been ranting about for years – each time taken to a new extreme.

As with post-9/11 terrorism, our rights are being taken away and more restrictive measures being enforced for our safety, and once again the masses are defending the mainstream narrative without even questioning the information they are given.

Edward Snowden has spoken about this in detail, recently emphasising that the Coronavirus is being used, like the threat of terrorism, to impose more overreaching control measures on the human population.

Meanwhile, we are increasingly being conditioned to view our privacy and freedom as selfish and harmful to others; there are a great deal of people who believe in more security, digital currencies, more tracking, etc, because we will be safer with it all.

So now you decide. Personally, I see giving these corporations and elites (who have ZERO track record of any moral compass) the official responsibility for our health and well-being (wellness) a terrifying prospect, and the plan to merge humans with bio-technology run by these corporations and elites even more distopian.

Worst of all, these authoritarian measures will not need to be forced upon the global population; the majority of people will embrace them willingly, believing the narrative given to them, and run to take part.



Now for the silver lining. People are witnessing the incompetence of their governments, the nonsensical measures, the lies and manipulation from those in power, the heavy-handed censorship of experts and influencers they follow online, and the global dominance agenda right in their face. The plan is no longer hidden at all.

This is a good thing. It is unavoidable scientific fact that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, the bigger the push in one direction, the bigger the change in another, and right now as lies increase, that change is a rapid evolution in human criticality (critical thinking).

Ever more people are questioning events, reflecting on the world they want to live in, and as the world is seemingly becoming more polarised, more and more people are also seeing the necessity to understand different perspectives and work together to co-create a unifying narrative.

People are realising and accepting there is more than their own one ‘truth’ and beginning to find common ground – with simple concepts that are compatible with everyone. Concepts like ‘we’re in this together’, ‘let’s stop fighting’, ‘lets work together’, ‘let’s agree to disagree’, ‘let’s be pro-active’, and ‘let’s help and support each other’.

We already have alternative ideas for political and economic structures, eco-communities, and co-operatives, permaculture and other sustainable agriculture, Earthships and other natural building techniques, but now it’s about uniting – despite our differences; we need the humility to heal our wounds together.

What wounds? I believe humanity is being called into the process of asking why we’ve trusted the source of our knowledge and beliefs (our conditioning) about who we are for so long. Realising our worldview is a lie. This is a painful process, but is there perhaps something new we, as humanity, could believe in and work towards as one – amongst ourselves – together?



I was going to run off into the wilderness and join The Pongovi Experiment to find out how to grow my own food, and escape from it all. But then I had a powerful dream, a change of direction, and I found hypnosis (hypnotherapy), or rather it found me.

I believe humanity has moved into a new phase of healing. Having the humility to embrace that we’ve been ‘hypnotised’ by the world out there, manipulated through suggestion, to believe in things that never mattered, and we all need to eat humble pie and heal. Heal ourselves and heal each other.

This will be my last post on the problem. I am now concentrating 100% on the solution, and for me that now means focusing 100% on helping people heal with hypnotherapy.

I’m now offering on donation healing hypnosis sessions to anyone who wants to try the amazing healing power of hypnosis. Sessions are online (via Zoom), or in person, and you give what you can, so you have nothing to lose!

In a hypnosis session with me, you release any negative images, feelings, thoughts, emotions or sensations that you’re carrying with you, and this releases emotional and physical pain.

After a session, you’ll feel lighter, less worried, less stressed, more in the now, and you’ll have significant relief from emotional and physical pain. Do you know anyone stressed, anxious, worried, fighting addictions, or in any physical pain?

One session with me is worth at least €150, £130 or $200, and I’m offering them on donation so everyone can experience the incredible healing power of hypnosis, especially in these crazy stressful times.

Hypnosis is not hocus pocus. I simply take you from the thinking beta brain wave state into alpha (where advertising works) and then theta – the state between sleep and awake – where you then have direct access to your own subconscious.

The time to uncover the problems is over. It’s time to get involved in the solution. Hypnosis simply requires focus, letting go, and relaxing into a dream-like state. For more information and to book a session, simply go to

Helping this info reach more people is the best thing you can do to help me get this healing out there.

These are indeed exciting times! Thank you ❤️



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Teaching at Nottingham University, Summer 2019

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