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Quick Wellness Updates #1

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Wellness Updates
Social Dilemma
Call to Unite
Unity Earth
Global Unity
Imagine for 1 Minute

Student Picture of Me. Notts Uni, 2020

I have just finished my 3rd summer as a Tutor of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at the University of Nottingham in the UK, teaching critical thinking skills that enable international students to be able to succeed at their studies, and in life.

Due to the course starting at the height of the initial global COVID-19 lockdown, the course this year was online.

As I prepare to set off on my annual backpacking adventure, the UK government has just announced a second COVID-19 wave and a second potential national lockdown.

Right now we are experiencing the biggest global upheaval in modern human history.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have set the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight due to COVID-19, cyber-enabled information warfare, and the collapse of both international security and the international political structure, as well as climate change and the threat of nuclear war.

However, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, the bigger the push, the bigger the push back, and right now we are also experiencing a rapid evolution in human criticality.

Under the radar of modern mass media, a global movement is gaining momentum; people and communities are cooperating, collaborating and learning from each other to create a positive future instead.

On my website, I present the position that there is a global wellness revolution taking place, the tools to solve all of today’s personal and global problems exist, and a global community thriving in wellness is rapidly being created.

I welcome everyone to critically evaluate this position from the following two perspectives: Problem and Solution.

Wellness Updates

Two years ago the award-winning film Stare into the Lights my Pretties critically evaluated the negative effects of modern screen culture; today this topic has reached new heights thanks to The Social Dilemma on Netflix, in which the creators of social media warn they have let loose an AI monster that is manipulating human behaviour.

A Netflix hit that is being hailed as “the most important documentary of our times,” these two films are raising awareness among the public about the detrimental effect of ‘free’ social media that uses us as the product.


Plandemic is the controversial film from which the fake news term ‘Plandemic’ originates. This documentary is the most censored documentary online ever. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo are all censoring this film, and the mainstream media are claiming this film is dangerous.

However, people from all walks of life and all political and religious persuasions are concerned about the details contained in this film. So the question is, who is it dangerous for?

Because if the facts presented in this film are true, then the information is only dangerous for the individuals and organisations that are dictating the current global health narrative.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I strongly urge using objective criticality, watching the film, and then deciding for yourself.


The Call to Unite is a growing collaborative led by CEO and Chairman of Special Olympics and people from all walks of life, both famous and not, dedicated to addressing the universal challenges we can only solve together.

Names like Oprah, Yo-Yo Ma, Deepak Chopra, Common, Jennifer Garner, Maria Shriver, Rick Warren, Julia Roberts, David Brooks, Eckhart Tolle, Josh Groban, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Sir Ken Robinson and the Dalai Lama have all united for this global action calling for global unity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if actions like this were on the news? Search the many videos for some positive inspiration here.


If there was any doubt that a global wellness revolution is taking place, the tools to solve all of today’s personal and global problems exist, and a global community thriving in wellness is rapidly being created, this could convince you.

UNITY EARTH is a global network of organisations and individuals standing together in the quest to accelerate the realisation of unity and peace on Earth.

Ben Bowler, the Executive Director of UNITY EARTH, is the main organiser of this movement of movements, including the Caravan of Unity, UP Convergence and Peace Weekend 2020.

The Caravan of Unity is a truly inspirational project. UNITY EARTH in collaboration with the United Religions Initiative (URI) have been coming together at sacred sites around the world every year since 2012 to celebrate unity in diversity, which has all been leading to the event on September 28th 2020 at the National Mall in Washington DC.

UP Convergence (UP meaning Unity and Peace) was a Global Online Summit of online Convergence Zoom Rooms leading up to Peace Weekend 2020.

Finally, Peace Weekend 2020 has been a round up of all of these events with a schedule of speakers, music and ceremony from around the world. Hours of inspirational content from the incredible variety of global broadcasts can all be explored on the Peace Weekend website here.


In collaboration with the WE movement, and such visionaries as Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Immaculée Ilibagiza, Robert Thurman, Riane Eisler and Bill McKibben, the 11 Days of Global Unity event in 2020 also ran from Sept 11th to Sept 24th, and has been a pioneer in peace-building and the unity movement since 2004.

This event continued with the One Planet Peace Forum from the 25th to the 27th September 2020.


The above short film called Imagine for 1 Minute is available to download free in 10 languages and asks viewers around the world “to take a minute to visualise the better future we could have, and then talk about it.”

This film has been made to “motivate people to share their hopes for the future, and start to make that future happen” because “Research has found we rarely take the time to imagine what a better future could be like.”

Conceived in lockdown, and totally crowdsourced, the film is made from voice notes sent in from a variety of the most trusted humans on the planet, and the pictures are made from thousands of donated images sent in from citizens on every continent.

These are just a few quick updates and this is #1 of many more posts like this because I don’t have the time to make individual posts for everything positive that is going on.

Clearly we are living in a time where conversations about how we want the future to look like are gaining serious momentum. Changemakers and visionaries are seeking each other out to share ideas, and taking action.

Please share this post. Helping this info reach more people is the most helpful thing you can do to help me get this inspiration out there. These are indeed exciting times!



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    • Hi. Yes I’m sure there are 🙂 but the full story is longer. 🙂 I ordered one while still in the UK, but it didn’t arrive before I left, so now it’s on its way to me here in Spain and I will set off on the wild camping pilgrimage adventure as soon as it arrives. It means I get to spend some lovely days in Malaga though, and I’m staying in a wonderful cheap hostel with some amazing people so it’s a lot of fun. Every cloud 🙂 The full anecdote will probably make my post about the camino when I publish it. Thanks for the comment! Much love! Rob ♡


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