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Are you someone who deep down would like to know more about this word ‘spirituality’, would like to know more about good nutrition, how to increase physical health, mental health, or even the health of the world around you?

We all have those moments where the world feels like it’s falling apart, simple tasks are a grind, and happiness seems just out of reach. Commune has been created to show that there is another way.

During a free Commune course, you are asked to sign up for full membership ($239.88 for the first year at the time of writing this, and then $19.99 per month). Be careful with such offers. Free courses are designed to lure you in.

At WUWE, the world of solutions is provided for FREE for a reason. We can spend our entire lives ‘learning’ about wellness practises online and never start actually actualising them in our lives.

The Commune Wellness Summit was a FREE 10-day online event organised by 25 of the world’s foremost experts on health and wellness, each offering their own course to help discover physical, spiritual, and societal health.

If you can devote yourself to one particular course then great, but the FREE information presented by these 25 experts was already enough to keep someone busy increasing wellness in their life for months and months to come.

This course was FREE from December 5-14 2019

Each day included a keynote lesson and a daily practice so that, step-by-step, you can bring techniques into your life that lead to greater and greater ease and joy.

The Wim Hof Method presented in this 10-day summit is one such example; a method that has been scientifically shown to enable anyone to heal serious illness and exponentially increase health, happiness, strength, mood and energy when made into a regular practice.

So with that in mind, do sign up for other free courses at Commune and have fun learning how to increase wellness on a personal and global scale.

Just remember that to dig a well, you have to commit to one, and dig deep, until you reach the water. ❤


join the adventure!

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Teaching at Nottingham University, Summer 2019

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