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On the Path to Strawberry Fields

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As John Lennon said, ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’

On the Path to Strawberry Fields is a documentary film by Dr. Michael Wayne.

The film features interviews with writers, musicians, philosophers, healers, scientists, artists, business people, and activists, whose work has influenced tens of millions of people around the world.

Dr. Wayne writes on the documentary website:

I started seeing that each of the people I interviewed was connected in a thread to everyone else, and the story each was telling was that there was a revolution going on in our world, right now and going forward into the future.

And so I decided to put these interviews together and thread a story that tells us of this revolution. It is a revolution into a new paradigm, one of an evolved open culture.

Launched November 2019, this FREE film screening is still available:

Interviews are woven together to tell the story of personal and societal transformation that began with the imaginal cell, and is now taking shape and form worldwide.

The film is divided into eight chapters: the system, disconnect, environment, transformation, awakening, evolved open culture, the new paradigm, and culminating with the positive message that we can make an alliance of revolutionaries, or Revolutionaries Alliance, the new reality.

Dr. Michael Wayne also offers a free one-week Enlightened Living E-Course.



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    • Hi Michael. Great to hear from you again. Yes I watched this film thanks to your recommendation, so thanks for that. I’ve updated the post with a Q&A from director Dr. Michael Wayne in which he explains the film in more depth and goes deeper into the science of conscious evolution, and it seems the film is currently still viewable which is great news. Glad you’re enjoying the posts. More coming soon 🙂 ❤


  1. This was GREAT! Having all those amazing people woven together around the concept of John Lennon’s Imagine and Charles Eisenstein’s The More Beautiful World our hearts know is possible sets my heart a-dancing. All that good news is just so hard to take–and I want to take it and take it and take it, till we make it…
    I have come to believe: We are One with the Earth, giving birth to OurSelf. Labour pains are ravaging us all.
    Through our awakening, we will be released (imho). And I say: dream on, inspired ones… The pattern is arising through our actions–surrender to the impulses!
    The desires of your hearts are the desires percolating throughout the One we are Becoming. What will we be? (I want to be a phoenix/dragon rising from the ashes.)

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    • Beautifully written Shannon. Thanks for sharing! Yes, I think the creativity and passion behind this film is wonderfully inspiring, and for me it is yet another example from so so many that the world is changing – and that change is accelerating now at an awe-inspiring pace. It is clear to me that ying and yang are part of the whole. In other words, the increasing ‘bad’ we see in the world can only exist with equal and opposite ‘good’, but our eyes are not turned to the good by the media we trust. But even more than that, categories divide us, and yet we are all one. We all perceive reality in our own way and explain what we see with our own language and interpretation; yet, ultimately, we are all describing the very same phenomena. From your profile I love “Inside our everyday lives there is a thread of connection anchored in the future that can lead us through to our heart’s desires and wonders waiting for us. Finding and opening to the path and the process is not second nature–success becomes more frequent through practice and, with awareness, we will each see the Magic in our Ordinary Moments (MOM). It’s the Magic that inspires me. I write and I wonder, what is MOM creating?” I talk of living in the moment and following intuition. You talk of MOM and a thread of connection anchored in the future. Though the same phenomena, your description is far more poetic 🙂 ❤


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