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HonorPay is a free, fun, online open awards system in which appreciation can be awarded to anyone based around a virtual currency called an Honor.

The unit of HonorPay, an Honor, has a purely symbolic value. It is a token of gratitude whose purpose is to spread positivity beyond conventional means of reward.

The HonorPay website states:

To appreciate someone and to feel appreciated is what motivates us the most. Usually we demonstrate our appreciation through a gift or payment, but this is not always easy or appropriate. The Honor token seeks to encapsulate this ‘currency of appreciation’ and make it free for all to use in a public, meaningful way.

Every HonorPay profile can be used to award and receive Honors from others. In order to give value to the awards, there are some basic limitations to how they can be used:

  • Only one Honor can be awarded per week.
  • Honors received cannot be traded, sold or awarded to anyone else.
  • Unawarded Honors are deleted from the system.
  • The same person cannot receive an Honor twice in succession.
  • An Honor cannot be awarded to yourself.

Every Sunday at 0:00 GMT, a new Honor is created and added to every user account to be awarded to anyone they wish. Honors not awarded within seven days are deleted.

HonorPay is completely free to use, free of ads, available to anyone with a computer or smart phone, and personal data is never revealed to anyone.

HonorPay was created by Irish author and social visionary Colin Turner, and is a project by FREE WORLD ONE, a “hybrid, for-profit philanthropic company.”

HonorPay was set up to help people experience that money as a form of energy exchange does not have any more intrinsic value than an Honor, and to extend the idea of giving or gifting for a more compasionate world.

These ideas are set out and expanded upon in Colin Turner’s The Free World Charter.


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