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Into The Open Economy

Into The Open Economy is a free e-book written by Irish author and social visionary Colin Turner, in which he sets out how an Open Economy (or sharing economy), founded on the basic principle of group interest not self-interest, would work.

Turner defines an Open Economy as one without money, trade or governance, or: “the application of an open, distributed model” as opposed to “a traditionally closed-loop economic system.”

Turner goes on to detail the limitations of trade and governance that, he explains, always lead to wealth concentration and the rise in technological unemployment.

He describes government as “an outgrowth of the trading system” stating that, without a trading system and labour market, government would have little or no reason to exist.

He argues that the Open Economy is not a futurist utopian dream, and a money-free world of true abundance, peace and fulfilment is attainable today.

Colin Turner is also the author of F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man, a fictional but realistic account of how an Open Economy might come about; with a feature length film version in the pipeline.

F-Day (or free day), he explains, is the day that “the world’s largest economy revokes the monetary market system in favour of a collaborative, technological society based in nature, community and compassion.”

This day of freedom is a vision “inspired and shared by many notable organisations”, such as The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, New Earth Nation, and the UBUNTU Liberation Movement.

Find out what an Open Economy is and how it would work in Colin Turner’s 90-page e-book, Into The Open Economy, which can be downloaded FREE in PDF or EPUB format when signing The Free World Charter.

The book is available in English, Czech, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


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