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Animal Studies Repository

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The Animal Studies Repository (ASR) is an “open access collection of academic, archival, and assorted other materials related to various disciplines within the fields of animal studies and animal welfare science.”

Categories of research include cognition in animals. consciousness in animals, industrial farming and agribusiness, social movements and animal organisations, and humane education.

Archived studies include ‘Teaching Children to Be Kind in an Unkind World’ (2007), ‘Special Report on Teaching Children to Be Kind’ (1974), ‘Animals & Society Courses: A Growing Trend in Post-Secondary Education’ (1999), ‘The Care of Pets within Child Abusing Families’ (1983), ‘Vegetarian versus Meat-Based Diets for Companion Animals’ (2016) and ‘The Effect of Stress on Livestock and Meat Quality Prior to and During Slaughter’ (1980).

The ASR is maintained by The Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy (HSISP) which works to advance the application of scientific and technical analysis and expertise to animal welfare issues and policy questions worldwide, and to reinforce the importance of animal welfare science as a credible and valid field of inquiry.

The HSISP also publish Animal Sentience (ASent), a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that publishes “current empirical findings on what, when and how nonhuman animals feel, along with the practical, methodological, legal, ethical, sociological, and philosophical implications of the findings.”

All articles are followed by Open Peer Commentary from specialists in the fields covered by the article; the author then responds to the commentaries.

The HSISP is part of The Humane Society of the United States, which has a free meals guide, podcast, magazine, and huge repository of educational videos on its website and on YouTube.



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Teaching at Nottingham University, Summer 2019

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