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Hypergiant EOS Bioreactor

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Launched in February 2018, Austin-based machine intelligence tech company Hypergiant Industries “focuses on solving humanity’s most challenging problems” by leading the way in “emerging AI-driven technologies.”

In response to climate change, Hypergiant Industries have designed an “autonomous carbon-sequestration algae bioreactor” called the EOS.

According to Hypergiant, the EOS algae bioreactor, which measures “three feet on each side and seven feet tall” is 400 times more effective at capturing CO2 than trees.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to constantly monitor and manage air flow, amount and type of light, available CO2, temperature, pH, biodensity, and harvest cycles, the EOS bioreactor can produce an estimated 2 U.S. tons of oxygen.

According to FuturismInverse, IBT and the Good News Network, this equates to about the same amount of oxygen as that produced by an entire acre of trees.

The AI technology not only optimizes growth of algae for CO2 consumption; as the algae absorbs light and consumes CO2, it also multiplies rapidly, creating endless biomass.

This superfluous biomass can then be processed to create carbon negative fuel, oils, fertilizers, plastics, cosmetics, textiles, as well as nutrient-rich high-protein food sources, and much more.

The company will also focus on the use of recycled ocean plastics to create the devices, and further details on production will be announced in 2020.



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Teaching at Nottingham University, Summer 2019

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