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The Free World Charter

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The Free World Charter is a statement of principles which anyone can sign that “has the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.”

The Free World Charter sets out ten basic assertions that are “resonant with nature, general common sense, fairness and sustainability” and “our minimum requirements for survival and progress.” cite

The Free World Charter is the creation of social visionary Colin Turner, but many of the underlying concepts were originally inspired by Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project and Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist Film Trilogy – “visionaries who, no doubt, would attribute their inspiration to many other historical influences too.” cite

From The Free World Charter website:

Our current systems of monetary, social, ideological and border divisions are imaginary, and clearly not working for us or our planet. The principles of the Charter, that are grounded in nature, would dissolve these imaginary barriers with just a few basic observations of mutual respect for each other and our planetary home …

These principles can only be adopted when they are seen, understood and supported by a sufficient number of people. When enough people see the Charter and accept it as the next logical step in human evolution, change will come about automatically. Politicians and people of influence will have no choice but to accede to the will of the people. cite

The idea behind the Charter is to aid society in our conscious evolution towards a new,  fair, regenerative, money-free Open Economy that supports “true freedom, abundance and sustainability.” cite

Find out what an Open Economy is and how it would work in Colin Turner’s FREE e-book Into The Open Economy.

Read The Free World Charter and explore its statement of principles here.



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