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Anyway You Can: A Beginners Guide to Ketones For Life

Anyway You Can is the remarkable debut book by Dr. Annette Bosworth, aka Dr. Boz, an award-winning medical doctor specialising in Internal Medicine.

The book chronicles the life and death situation of her mother, Grandma Rose, as they fight her diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia together. But the book is also much much more.

By going against medical convention, Dr. Bosworth researches and uses the latest science to help Grandma Rose burn fat rather than glucose (carbs/sugar) for fuel, which in turn produces ketone bodies that heal and repair the body and kill off cancer cells.

The book is also written as “A Beginners Guide to Ketones for Life” with “Lessons from Dr. Bosworth” seamlessly intertwined with the chapters on Grandma Rose and her cancer journey.

As an introduction to the ketogenic diet, this book is extremely comprehensive, covering almost everything about the diet, its benefits, and possible pitfalls.

‘Almost’ because Dr. Bosworth chooses not to go into total carbs versus net carbs (when so many other places do); nor does she talk about the inclusion of exercise on the keto diet other than to explain the benefits for marathon runners and that exercise does not burn much fat; similarly, she does not go into how to maintain/gain weight or build muscle.

What she does cover in this book, however, is absolutely everything else you could possibly want to know about the ketogenic diet, and then some, including (but not limited to) how ketosis causes healthy weight loss, clears skin from acne, wrinkles and folded skin, stops seizures, starves cancer, reduces inflammation, blood pressure and cures type 2 diabetes, enhances mental stamina, focus and mood, ending depression, induces Human Growth Hormone and cellular repair, improves oral health and eyesight, reduces tinnitus, joint pain, heart disease, and ends migraines and addictions.

At every step, Bosworth M.D. goes into the science behind her claims; yet she also intentionally explains ketosis in everyday simple-to-understand language so that everyone can grasp concepts like insulin sensitivity, essential minerals, ketoacidosis, mitochondria, ketone levels, MCT, fasting, autophagy, and confidently understand their significance.

The book is written/spoken in a friendly, approachable and genuine manner with empathy for Grandma Rose and for the reader. Bosworth obviously cares deeply about her patients, and about getting this information out to the world.

Controversially, she openly explains the limitations of big pharma studies, why she and Rose decided not to discuss the ketogenic diet with Rose’s doctors, and she challenges the reader to face concepts like “to lose flab, you need to eat fat” and “fruit is evil” that go beyond mainstream conditioning.

At no point does Dr. Bosworth glorify the benefits and power of ketosis. Grandma Rose still needs multiple chemotherapy sessions and faces several other serious complications along the way. Bosworth also includes a comprehensive list of potential keto side effects such as kidney stones, diarrhea and keto flu symptoms like mental cloudiness, muscle cramps and bad breath.

The book is a practical guide with step-by-step instructions on how to deal with the whole keto transition until you are fully keto adapted. Plus it is the moving true story of one elderly woman’s real-life fight against the odds.

No cash to buy the book? Download the FREE digital e-book Fat Can Save Your Life: 50 Keto Fat Facts, Dr. Boz’s comprehensive list of the reasons why we should all consider going ketogenic, which she calls the “cliff notes” to the full story about Grandma Rose found in Anyway You Can.

What makes these reads even more beautiful is that the real-life story continues online with Dr. Boz’s website, blog and successful YouTube channel.


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