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Workaway – Work Exchange

Workaway is a site for travel, volunteering and cultural exchange run by “a global team of culture seekers and innovators passionate about travel and finding the path to change.”

The Workaway team believe in travel with meaning and that we should never stop learning and exploring, and their mission is to facilitate and inspire others to travel the world, find their true potential, and make a real difference in the world.

Workaway has grown completely organically via word of mouth. Their ethos of ‘no advertising’ and keeping their membership fee to an absolute minimum has really made them stand out in the travel community.

Workaway states: “We have never needed or had to answer to investors or venture capitalists! We don‘t need to provide anyone with a return on their investment. We have no pressure from shareholders which means one important thing: We are free to do what we really care about .. Finding great projects allowing people to connect around the world and developing tools to facilitate that.”

Thousands and thousands of volunteers use Workaway to connect with people and projects in other countries and make a real difference both on a personal level and to the communities they visit.

The Workaway team are now building on their community of global travellers and hosts:

They launched Workaway TV where members can showcase videos and vlogs about their experiences and advice about their Workaway stays, and also the Workaway Foundation which provides financial help to Workaway hosts in developing countries carrying out educational or environmental projects.

Workaway explain their ethos: “It always used to amaze us that people would pay thousands of dollars to companies or agents to volunteer or work in a different country. Often these companies would charge to “arrange” a volunteer stay or job whilst taking a huge chunk of the profit for themselves and to pay for their advertising whilst giving a very small percentage to the actual place in need. We feel we have made great strides in disrupting this industry.”

If you feel unsure about the idea of Workaway then first take a look at their review page where you can see 1000s and 1000s of reviews from travellers and hosts who have benefited from arranging their own Workaway experiences, and you can also search for hosts in your area and all over world before deciding if this Solutions Experience is for you.

Discussion Point

Are the Workaway team correct that companies (and people) not focusing on profit as their main motive, but instead on giving and sharing, are more able to create impactful change?



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