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Positive News – Constructive Media

Online and in print, Positive News publish quality, independent journalism about progress and possibility.

While much of the media is full of doom and gloom, Positive News is the world’s first newspaper dedicated to reporting on what’s going right.

They are pioneers of ‘constructive journalism’ – an exciting, emerging approach in the media towards rigorous and relevant reporting that is focused on solutions.

Positive News was founded in 1993 and became a successful, inspiring, current affairs magazine based in London.

Then, from 8th June to 8th July 2015, Positive News ran a unique crowdfunding campaign to become the world’s first crowdfunded global media cooperative.

The #OwnTheMedia campaign offered ‘community shares’ globally, raised £263,422, and the paper became a community benefit society (a form of co-op) invested in by more than 1500 people in 33 countries, aged 18-89, each with equal say.

“Instead of serving a media mogul”, Positive News say “we serve the many” with “good journalism about good things”.

They are a magazine and a movement, and their mission is “changing the news for good”.

They have some nice educational videos on their YouTube channel.

Discussion Point

Is a news magazine that is owned by its journalists and readers, rather than shareholders interested in making profits, more likely to publish ‘constructive journalism’ – quality, rigorous and relevant journalism that is good?



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