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NuMundo – Transformational Experiences

NuMundo provide a platform to discover transformational experiences at ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers across the globe.

NuMundo believe that a travel journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the simplicity and liberation of living without many possessions.

Transformational travel takes this concept a step further through exposure to projects that will replace one’s societal conditioning with a whole new way of being.

Through their platform and shared media, they are empowering people who are unfulfilled in their lives to take a journey that will ignite a new life-changing path.

Through their own exploration, the NuMundo team have found thousands of hubs globally that are examples of sustainable and holistic living, producing practical, low-cost solutions to the global climate crisis.

These hubs incorporate ideals like community living, whole systems design, appropriate technology, seed banking, holistic health, and regenerative enterprise.

Through their platform, they envision these impact centers becoming more accessible to the world and easily sharing crucial information and resources.

The NuMundo team is enthusiastic about building a global movement of passionate people and land stewards to co-create a thriving planet for us and future generations.

Discussion Point

Is NuMundo correct in their belief that a travel journey that takes us out of our comfort zone to solutions-focused projects is the most important step in expanding our worldview and co-creating a thriving planet?



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