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Unify – Global Synchronized Events

Unify organise the world’s biggest global synchronized meditation, yoga, prayer and ceremony events based on modern scientific research that inner peace creates a peaceful environment.

During these events, they unify with individuals, non-profits, social ventures, the world’s biggest global movements, and together create a living example of a fundamental scientific and natural truth – we are all one.

During the days surrounding each event, people participate globally in taking practical action locally towards creating a world that is more loving, kind and connected. This could be anything from cleaning up a local water supply, or planting trees, to petitioning a local city council.

Participants can also join a local Unify community chapter to get involved in ongoing activities that contribute to world peace and connecting life.

Over the course of 5 years and 22 campaigns, Unify have brought together over 100 million people around the globe.

Annual events take place to coincide with International Women’s Day in March, International Yoga Day in June, and the International Day of Peace in September.

Unify partner with and support the annual Compassion Games, a 16-day, fun, coopetition challenge to unify communities around the world, and openly support endless other solutions-focused organisations with the same mission for a healthy, positive peaceful planet, including The Chopra Center, Maharishi University, Global Giving, Earth Dance, Playing For Change, The World Peace Prayer Society, Cities of Service, 7 Days of Rest, Uplift and Collective Evolution.

Discussion Point

If people knew more about the scientific research showing how meditation and prayer focused on compassion creates a more compassionate world, would more people participate in synchronized events?



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