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Conscious Media Coalition – Solutions Based Journalism

The Conscious Media Coalition (CMC) is an alliance of alternative and independent conscious media outlets working under the umbrella of the Global Unity Project (GUP) to unify positive, solution based media.

Their aim is to raise the bar for journalistic standards within the media industry by sharing a solutions-focused message that enriches the lives of those viewing it.

CMC and GUP share the same underlying goal of rebalancing the power structure so that it serves humanity in its entirety.

The CMC achieve this by uniting media organisations that are willing to work in unity to provide truthful information and share ideas that can empower the planet.

Any organisation joining the coalition must meet the high standards of journalism that ensure all content produced is based in truth.

These standards do not affect freedom of speech and/or prevent opinions being expressed, but do require that those stating information as factual have the facts backed up by reputable and verifiable sources.

The coalition is also happy to work with organisations to help them meet these standards.

CMC is donation based and, as such, free from any financially influenced agendas. Some of the subjects covered by The Conscious Media Coalition include sustainable energy, peaceful activism, positive music, ethical products and health.

Incorporating Coeō, the geosocial network for conscious changemakers created by Mat Dowle, CMC is also supporting a new networking platform that encourages cooperation, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between individuals and groups on a local level as well as between existing global movements.

The Coalition currently has an estimated combined reach of 40,000,000 views per month, which will only rise as more organisations join.

Discussion Point

Could the formation of a global coalition of conscious media really help change the current fear-based media narrative to one based on solutions?



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