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Sono Motors – The goSono Sharing App

Sono Motors, a small German company, have created an app that allows people to share their Sion car with other people in 3 unique ways – carsharing, ridesharing and powersharing – enabling people to help others, their wallet and the environment.

The Sono Motors team have launched the The Sion, the first ever electric car capable of charging its own batteries from the sun.

They have also developed a mobile app called goSono, which allows people to use their car for carsharing, powersharing and ridesharing if they wish.

The Sion car supports bi-directional charging, so you can charge another electric car from your own battery, or power electrical devices, for example on a camping trip, or tools at home.

With the goSono app, you can share certain amounts of energy with other people. If somebody asks for access to your SION energy, you can grant it via the app. You decide on how much power you are willing to pass on and at what price. Other app users will see your offer and the exact location of your car (or you can go to them).

The app’s integrated carsharing feature makes it really easy to share your Sion with other people. Use the goSono app to decide on how long you want to share your Sion and for how much money. Once somebody sends a request, that person can reserve and unlock the car with your permission. With this feature everybody benefits from your Sion, including the environment and your wallet.

The ridesharing feature also makes it possible to share your ride with others. You can offer your next road trip via the goSono app to other users. If they would like to share a ride with you, they can send a request. Once you accept it, they get a notice and you can pick them up. That way you meet new people and share experiences while earning some extra money and protecting the environment.

This app is based on collaborative consumption, or sharing, which conserves resources, gives people access to things they otherwise couldn’t afford, and builds community.

The Sion car is priced at 16,000 Euros, and available for preorder now with a discount of your choice.

Discussion Point

Could sharing a self-charging electric car really be a game-changer in building a sharing, solutions-focused community while helping reduce our dependency on oil?



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