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Sono Motors – The Sion Solar-Powered Electric Car

The Sion by small German company, Sono Motors, has made history with the first ever electric car capable of recharging its own batteries from the sun.

The car has 330 solar cells all over the car body, so the sun charges the car at all times during the day, including when it is cloudy.

The solar cells are protected with polycarbonate rather than glass. Polycarbonate is not only lighter, but also rust-proof, unbreakable and scratch resistant.

The Sion also supports bi-directional charging, so you can charge another electric car from your own battery, or power electrical devices on a camping trip, or tools at home.

Another useful feature is their system called reSono, which guarantees cheap maintenance costs due to very cheap spare parts which you can order yourself, and then free detailed repair information so you can fix the car yourself, or reduce car garage repair costs by providing any garage with the part and information on how to fix the car for you.

For the interior, the Sono Motor team have developed a system called breSono. A special type of moss is integrated into the vents of the car that acts as a natural air filter, sound proofing and fire protection. The moss filters out pollution, such as fine dust produced by the industry and combustion engines, regulates humidity inside the car, and requires no care because this plant draws its water from the air

Taking the team’s passion to end our dependency on oil even further, their mobile app goSono allows people to use their car for carsharing, powersharing and ridesharing if they wish.

The car is perfect for people who drive locally, or who commute every day to work. The solar cells recharge the battery up to 30 kilometres a day, in addition to the car’s normal range of 250km on one electric charge.

The car is also priced at only 16,000 Euros, and available for preorder now with a discount of your choice.

Discussion Point

Could using a self-charging electric car be a game-changer in helping end our dependency on oil?



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