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Zeitgeist – The Movie Trilogy | Film Series

The Zeitgeist movies have been a major catalyst in bringing a global debate about the fundamental flaws with our current economic system and possible alternatives into the public domain.

The Zeitgeist film trilogy by Peter Joseph deals with, as the word Zeitgeist implies, the “intellectual, spiritual, cultural awareness of our time” and explores what makes us who we are, how we relate, what we are doing and what we should be doing if we wish to live in a peaceful, humane, sustainable and healthy planet.

Zeitgeist: The Movie was originally a creative multi-media event presented over a 6-night period in New York City in 2007, with recorded music, live instruments and video.

Heavily critiquing religion, politics, our motives for war and the economic system itself, the film became a controversial global sensation with current combined estimates putting the number of internet views at over 300 million as of 2013.

The arguments made in the movie caused great upset among some religious, American patriot and monetary/capitalist communities, prompting Peter Joseph to release a free 220 page Companion Source Guide to openly show his sources and reasoning.

The 2008 sequel, Zeitgeist: Addendum, brought global attention to The Venus Project and introduced a money-free resource-based economy as a possible solution to the systemic problems introduced in Zeitgeist: The Movie.

These two films helped ignite many of today’s global transformation projects, including The Free World Charter, Collective Evolution, and The Zeitgeist Movement.

In 2011, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward was released simultaneously in over 30 languages in over 60 countries with over 340 screenings worldwide, making it likely the largest independent documentary release of its kind.

In this third and final documentary in the series, Peter Joseph goes into greater depth about how the fundamental mechanics of the current system actually cause the patterns of behavior and unsustainable methods of conduct that then lead to the vast spectrum of detrimental personal, social, and environmental problems we see today.

In 2011, it was also announced that a fourth film, Zeitgeist: Beyond The Pale, might be created. However Peter Joseph, who likes “to walk the line between art and intellect, academia and poetry”, decided that he would continue the Zeitgeist story with a new narrative-based, live-action style film series, beginning with InterReflections I in 2018.

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Is the current monetry-market economic system the root cause of today’s personal, social, and environmental problems, and is a money-free resource-based economy the cure?



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