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UnaPhone – World’s Most Secure Smartphone

UnaPhone is the most reliable, data-secure, and privacy-friendly Android Smartphone in the world.

The smartphone runs on UnaOS, a heavily modified operating system based on Android 6.0, is fully stripped of all Google services and strange permissions, and instead features encrypted email, text, and phone apps.

The UnaPhone uses an encrypted OTA channel for updates and special installation. Every app installed is signed with a specific key that meets the security requirement for booting. No other apps can be installed. No games. No snapchat.

UnaPhone Zenith has been built in partnership with Tutanota, a company specialising in encrypted email, and Chinese smartphone manufacturer Elephone.

With the UnaPhone Zenith, your private data and personal life are absolutely secure because the team at Una believe that a phone should not be your personal surveillance device, but simply your personal phone.

Discussion Point

Should the personal data stored in your phone be private and secure, and what are we willing to give up to keep our data safe?



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