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WeCO – Connect. Collaborate. Create.

WeCO is a collaborative social media platform in development for changemakers who wish to actively participate in creating or joining solutions-focused projects for a positive future.

WeCO write: “If you’re reading this, chances are you’re some type of misfit, earth-lover, system buster, change-maker, dreamer, or simply someone with a gut feeling that there is so much more to life than what we have been taught.

We feel ya. We’re a team of people coming from different walks of life who never quite fit in this world, because we know we were born to create a new one. And so instead of simply dreaming about it, we decided to combine all of our special skills and talents to create a “BRIDGE” between a life that is imposed on us, towards a life where our passion, purpose and freedom is the driver.”

WeCO will be launched in 2018. 

Discussion Point

Is a platform where solutions-creators can connect and work together on a global scale what humanity needs to solve the problems of today?



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