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Freeworlder – Free Sharing Network

Freeworlder is on its way to becoming the world’s largest free-sharing community where members share their items, knowledge, skills and talents freely with other members. It is like eBay or Fiverr – but without the money part!

Freeworlder is a global, map-based searchable database of free goods and services offered by its members. It is completely free to use, and everything is offered without condition. It is not just a directory of free items, but a directory of free-minded people too.

Founder Colin Turner states: “Imagine the power of billions of acts of unconditional free-sharing and the positive effect that could have both on our society and the environment. Imagine how much more peaceful and abundant our world could be without the limitations and injustices of trade.”

With its unique iTag system, you can use Freeworlder to search for any other member on the map according to their skills, preferences or lifestyle. This makes it a powerful tool that can be used not just for finding skills, but for finding project collaborators, meeting amazing like-minded people in your area, making new friends, sharing appreciation through the integrated HonorPay award system, or even dating.

The possibilities are endless – and they are only getting started.

Discussion Point

Could participating in a global free-sharing community have a positive effect on society and the environment?



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