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Think Equal – A New Subject in Schools

Think Equal are working towards a system change in education by bringing a new international subject, into mainstream schools, from the Early Years, to ensure that our children’s hearts are educated, and not just their heads.

Think Equal believe the pervasive, discriminatory cycle of negative stereotypes and prejudicial judgements in today’s global world can only be broken if we invest in encouraging empathy and respect for the dignity and equality of others.

Their goal is to end the discriminatory mindset and cycle of violence across the world by asking all governments to adopt their international social and emotional learning program that develops empathy, critical thinking skills, appreciation and celebration of diversity, and many more skills in the realm of emotional intelligence.

Sound like a pipe dream?

Think Equal have already secured national commitments from 15 countries to participate in their global Equality Studies program for Early Years from 2018.

From January 2017, 147 schools across these 15 countries started piloting the Think Equal Early Years Curriculum. The pilot programmes in 7 of these countries – Argentina, Botswana, Canada, Kenya, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka – are being evaluated by their partners at the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence.

All schools (government / NGO / private) are welcome to get in touch with Think Equal to find out more about running the pilot programme at your school.

Discussion Point

Could introducing this subject help end the discriminatory mindset and cycle of violence we see across the world?



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