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Ultimate Civics – Engaging Youth in Democracy


Ultimate Civics have developed Activating My Democracy, a FREE American civics unit consisting of six 50-minute lessons to inspire students at middle school and high school level to engage in activating democracy and emerge as game changers.

Dr. Riki Ott was inspired to develop the course after teaching at Occupy camps in 2011, and being shocked to find people who had stepped up to change America lacking the skills to move ideas into action.

In 2015, she released a complete 6-day unit for the American civics curriculum to inspire the youth of today to actively engage in creating a functioning democracy.

“Middle school and high school students constantly hear about the many challenges society faces – from fracking to police shootings to corporatization. What they don’t hear enough about is what they can do to make their world better.” ~ Dr. Rikki Ott

The FREE complete course available for anyone includes online video, interactive Powerpoint, student worksheets, resources, vocabulary lists and much more.

Discussion Point

Would we be more active in creating a functioning democracy if we learnt at a young age what democracy means and how to be involved?



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